Pretty Cure Light Change! is transformation phrase used in 5 Lights Pretty Cure! and Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

List of Sequences

Yumeko to Cure Feeling - Episode 1

Keiko to Cure Flame - Episode 2

Yumeko and Keiko to Cure Feeling and Flame - Episode 3

Rena to Cure Earth - Episode 3

Yumeko, Keiko and Rena to Cure Feeling, Flame and Earth - Episode 4

Ringo to Cure Gold - Episode 4

Yumeko, Keiko, Rena and Ringo to Cure Feeling, Flame, Earth and Gold - Episode 5

Mizuki to Cure Bubble - Episode 6

Yumeko, Keiko, Rena, Ringo and Mizuki to Cure Feeling, Flame, Earth, Gold and Bubble - Episode 7

Bella to Cure Secret - Episode 13 (sequel)

Yumeko, Keiko, Rena, Ringo, Mizuki and Bella to Cure Feeling, Flame, Earth, Gold, Bubble and Secret - Episode 14 (sequel)


  • This is first time that same transformation phrase that is used by cure/cure like warrior that appear in sequel.

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