Pretty Cure Leaders! Believe's Mix! is a crossover starring all leaders of Cure Believe's series, from Let's Mirage! to Our Hearts, but with only the leaders. Generation shows and revival shows are not included.



  • Hanasaki Cherry
    • Lead Cure of Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. She is part of her school's soccer team and loves playing tennis with her family. Her alter ego is Cure Blossom Mirage.
  • Kagayaku Ko
  • Densetsu Senshi
  • Amai Yorokobi
    • Lead Cure of Listen! Pretty Cure. She loves people and hates enemies, and later names her alter ego as Cure Love.
  • Kiseki Tsubomi
    • Lead Cure of Miracle Pretty Cure! She is the VIP in her school's garden project and loves this activity. Her alter ego is Cure Miracle.
  • Amai Kaze
    • Lead Cure of Silhouette Pretty Cure! She and her family always see the sunset once a month and enjoy it. Her alter ego is Cure Sky.
  • Ushinawa Keikaku
    • Lead Cure of Dreaming Pretty Cure! She likes solving mysteries but usually goes too far or makes odd conclusions. Her alter ego is Cure Mirror.
  • Amaku Heiwa
    • Lead Cure of Wii Party! Pretty Cure! She is a huge eater and will eat nearly anything given. Her alter ego is Cure Lucky.
  • Kakusareta Kibou
    • Lead Cure of Eternal Pretty Cure. She likes reading and always tries to be gentle with others. Her alter ego is Cure Forever.
  • Doshima Carlise
    • Lead Cure of High Waters Pretty Cure! She loves water and science and usually brings friends over to swim. Her alter ego is Cure Splash.
  • Fujimiya Emi
    • Lead Cure of Our Hearts Pretty Cure! She likes video games, but doesn't play until it is dark outside. Her alter ego is Cure Bright.





  • Some Cures need others to transform (Tsubomi/Miracle+Ippin/Fortune and Emi/Bright+Kasumi/Moonlight), but Tsubomi and Emi earn the ability to transform on their own.

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