Pretty Cure Interview (プリキュアインタビュー Purikyua Intabyū) is a extra video in the Pretty Cure All Stars DX4 DVD. It is about the girls getting to be interviewed by the movie director.


All the Cures starring in DX4 recieve a message from the director of the movie. They all go to Fanime Studios and meet with DaisyandMangaForever (Kaitlan). She first calls the Max Heart cures up. She starts questioning them on things these days, and how it feels to be the "leader season" since they started the Pretty Cure series. The three are a little quiet at first, trying to think, but then Nagisa shares her true thoughts. Daisy then asks her about being the lead cure of the series. Nagisa says she likes it, but she doesn't want to be too selfish or greedy. After that, Honoka and Hikari finally tell their thoughts too. Daisy asks what the two think of Nagisa, and Nagisa kind of blushes in surprise, and thinks to herself that she hopes they say good things. The two do, and say they like her. Nagisa is relieved. Daisy asks one more question, How has being Pretty Cure changed them. They talk a lot about that. They wouldn't be here, they wouldn't meet their friends and other Cure friends, and that they wouldn't be who they are now. Then they leave and the Splash Star cures come in.

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