Pretty Cure Hearts of Light! is the upcoming sequel to Fight Together! Pretty Cure, involving the dark Cures' revival, the first time for dark fan Cures to revive.




Aikawa Aika
Main Cure of the season, Aika is the reincarnation of Cure Hatred. She is actually a shy, lovable girl who is in need of friends. Her alter ego is Cure Loving.

  • Hearts of love, Cure Loving!

Tsukiyama Yumi
Aika's first friend, Yumi is the reincarnation of Cure Tsukuyomi. She likes to stay up as late as possible due to her love of night. Her alter ego is Cure Tsuki.

  • Hearts of night, Cure Tsuki!

Amaino Yuriko
Yumi's best friend and Aika's second friend, Yuriko is the reincarnation of Cure Real Amaryllis. She is a cheerful girl who plays kickball a lot. Her alter ego is Cure Yuri.

  • Hearts of flowers, Cure Yuri!




Heart Locket - Item used to transform. The Cure needs to shout "Pretty Cure, Shining Heart!" to transform.

Heart Fragments - Little heart-shaped pieces used to create the Lovely Mirror.

Lovely Mirror - Item made from Heart Fragments, the Cures can see what their past was like with this.


  • Aika's alter ego, Cure Loving, is the only Cure ego that is not in Japanese.