This is official transformations of Doki Doki Heartbrand! Pretty Cure


Pretty Cure,Heartbrand Link!

Ayami to Paddle Pop

First, she says a speech and her body glows in a light pink glow. Her hair color was changes from pink to blonde and her get styled, her dress appears, next her arm warmer sleeves are appears, her shoes are appears, her acessories are appears & say her speech.

Nikki to Cornetto

First she says a speech and her body glows with a light blue glow. Her hair color changes from navy blue to sky cerulean and get styled.Her acessories, shoes, and dress are appears in a ocean ribbons, she was exploded with waters and she says a speech.

Yassi to Frutarre

First, she say a speech and her body glows in a light yellow glow. Her hair color changes from orange to yellow and get styled. Her shoes and armwarmers are appear, her dress and acessories are glowed and apeared. After that she says a speech.

Maori to Calippo

First, she says a speech and her body with a light green glow. Her hair color changes from dark green to light green and get styled. Her shoes, armwarmers, & acessories are tied the ribbons and appeared. Her dress are twirled and appeared and says her speech.

Yukara to Kulfeez

Coming Soon

Alessa to Cassata

Coming Soon

Mimino to Feast

Coming Soon

Zora to Liona

Coming Soon





Pretty Cure, Dress Me Up!

Transformation & Intro

Regine used a palette and tapped as DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo of the eight Heartbrand jewels.Her eyes and lips are shaded.Her body was a full of fire if burned her shoes, next her acessories, her dress, then her hair was exploded if her hair color as brown changed to red and burned to her hairstyle and acessories are styled. After that, she says her speech.

"The ace of trumpness! Cure Magnum!"-Regine's intro

List of sequences

  • Episode 1- Ayami, Nikki
  • Episode 2 -Ayami & Nikki
  • Episode 3-Yassi, Maori
  • Episode 4-Ayami, Nikki, Yassi, & Maori
  • Episode 5 -Yukara, Alessa
  • Episode 6-Ayami, Nikki, Yassi, Maori, Yukara, & Alessa
  • Episode 7-Mimino, Zora
  • Episode 8-All 8 cures
  • Episode 15-Ayami & Zora
  • Episode 16-Nikki & Yukara
  • Episode 17-Yassi & Alessa
  • Episode 18-Maori & Mimino
  • Episode 22-All 8 cures, Regine
  • Episode 23-All 9 cures
  • Episode 33-Ayami, Nikki, Yassi, & Zora
  • Episode 34-Maori, Yukara, Alessa, & Mimino
  • Episode 39-Ayami, Zora, & Regine

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