Listen! Sekai! Protect Our Worlds! is a Pretty Cure crossover between Cure Believe's Listen! Pretty Cure Full Hearts and Kono Sekai Pretty Cure!


One day, fate arises for Yorokobi and Sakura, as well as their friends, when they meet. They learn their teams are similar and also have to protect a world. The two villainous groups then team up, just like the Cures, and a battle begins there!


Listen! Pretty Cure Full Hearts

  • Amai Yorokobi / Cure Love
    • My heart sends out to you! Cure Love!
  • Kirei Kanjō / Cure Happiness
    • I'm always happy go lucky! Cure Happiness!
  • Narihibiku Ongaku / Cure Joy
    • I'll worry about you first! Cure Joy!
  • Shinjiru Kata / Cure Dream
    • I imagine a miracle! Cure Dream!
  • Shinrai Jōnetsu / Gracious Feelings
    • My feelings will reach out to you! Gracious Feelings!
  • Kuro Yume / Dark Dream
    • Hoping for a gentle future! Dark Dream!
  • Yūgana Mirāju / Cure Trust
    • I can rely on many people! Cure Trust!

Kono Sekai Pretty Cure!

  • Aihara Sakura / Cure Garden
    • World of the promised land, Cure Garden!
  • Narufuru Katatoki / Cure Ocean
    • World of a beautiful sea, Cure Ocean!
  • Aosamui Hikami / Cure Glacier
    • World of shining ice, Cure Glacier!
  • Moetsurai Ondo / Cure Oasis
    • World of warmth and maybe water, Cure Oasis!
  • Kofukuno Oto / World Shining
    • All around the world, I am World Shining!
  • Hikaru Hansha / Cure Sunshine Mirage
    • Hope from a glistening, reborn miracle! Cure Sunshine Mirage!
  • Hohono Jonetsu / Cure Forest
    • World of lots of green, Cure Forest!
  • Kirameku Modoru / Cure Moonlight Mirage
    • A shining hope is reborn! Cure Moonlight Mirage!


  • Kanjiru
  • Sekaiju




  • Yume, Hansha, and Modoru, being reborn, both represent some type of hope.
    • In Yume's intro, she says that she hopes for a gentle future.
    • In Hansha's intro, she says that there's hope from a reborn miracle.
    • In Modoru's intro, she says that shining hope is reborn.

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