Sports Day! is the second Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage bonus story, featuring the Precure trying out various sports for their sports day.


A mouth watering summer barbeque has ended for the Precure girls, the lazy summer sun radiates brightly and the girls who had rescued the emotions of the universe were lazily lying around with dazed and bored eyes. The usual enthusiasm seemed to have melted in the hot sun, replaced with heaves and sighs of boredom. But as if a hammer had broken glass, the dazed silence of the Precures' boredom was broken when Rin blasted from the couch. Her excited words proposed a sports day in place of the dazed laziness. Bored gazes turned to excited smiles as each girl snatched their sports equipment and bolted out the front door. To play, the mascots combined their powers to make a huge sports field that could change according to each sport. Every possible trace of boredom had rotted away.

First, Nagisa called a game of lacrosse. Mascot magic swirled into the air, broke into several balls of light then formed into lacrosse sticks. A ball formed in Nagisa's hand. The same magical light coiled around the legendary warriors' shirts, engulfed the tops in light then popped to reveal bright red and green uniforms. TWEEEEEEEEEEEET! Coco's newly formed whistle emitted a sound that flew across the field. The girls' lacrosse game had officially begun! Nagisa's swift and experienced movements had the girl run head first towards the other team's goal, then the ball into the net of her lacrosse stick. Another quick swing launched the ball to Rin, who successfully caught the ball. Rin sprinted to the red team's goal, then swung her stick causing the ball to fly towards Itsuki. But Umeki jumped in between Rin and Itsuki and had the ball land in her stick's net instead of Itsuki's. Umeki scored in the other goal, followed by Erika who scored in the red team's goal. Pass after pass made the score change, eventually coming to a final score of 2-3. Victory to the red team!

More soon!

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