This transcript is the transcript for Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Protect Everyone's Emotions! Save The Butterfly Crest! by Techieberry38.



Park boardwalk

Umeki is walking while Ayumi walks the other way

Umeki: It's sunny today. That's good news. Maybe me and Michiko can eat a few vanilla cupcakes with fruit punch out here in such good weather later. Mmm, cupcakes.....

Ayumi: Good weather! I like it so much out here when it's this sunny.....If only Fuu-chan could be here to enjoy it with me. Sigh. But then again, he's with me. The sun's so beautiful. It's a pleasure to be out h- woahhhhh!

Cue mysterious light scene

Umeki: What was that? Am I intact?

Ayumi: What just happened?

Umeki and Ayumi stare at each other

Umeki/Ayumi: I'm sorry! Please excuse me!

Umeki (Thinking): Who the heck was that girl I nearly bumped into?

Cue opening

Birthday meeting

Mascots fool around and chat

Chypre: One, two! Silence!

Fooling around and chatting stops

Coffret: Today is Potporri's first birthday! It is a special day, right?

Mascots nod heads

Chypre: We need to figure out a way to celebrate it! Any ideas?

Various mascots: Uh....Er....Good question, so......

Chiffon(While dreaming, translated): Mmm! I like this feast! Itadakimasu!

Tart: Excuse me, but Chiffon's a genius! A feast, by my opinion is a perfect way to celebrate Potporri's birthday!

Chypre: Ah! A feast, that sounds amazing! What do you think, Coffret?

Coffret: I like it! What do all of you think?

Hummy: Perfect!

Mipple: Eh......Nice!

Various agreements and chats

Coffret: Quiet! What will we eat?

Mepple: Personally, I think we should include Omp's absolutely dee-licious omlettes!

Chypre: Mmmm! Any other suggestions?

Coco: For dessert I suggest creampuffs!

Coffret: Yummy, anything else?

Milk: Whatever Nozomi brings for lunch usually, I'll suggest.

Chypre: But what does Nozomi bring for lunch?

Milk: Sandwiches, instant miso soup and mochi.

Coffret: Amazing! That should be enough. Where are we having this feast?

Tart: How about Fairy Park?

Coffret: No....Fuu-chan destroyed it, it's under construction.

Hummy: Ah! Let's go to the Clover Town Summer Treats Fair!

Chypre: Good idea, meeting is over!

Mascots get up and leave

The good news

Various mascots: It's Potporri's birthday!!! We're holding a feast!

Itsuki: Ehhh? It's Potporri's birthday? Let's go tell her!

Itsuki starts up stairs

Tart grabs the collar of Itsuki's shirt

Tart: It's a surprise, and Potporri is exhausted! Don't disturb her, please.

Itsuki: Ah, okay, sorry.

Michiko: Let's start cooking then!

Various cures: Yes!


Cures run to kitchen with bowls and various kitchen supplies

Strong wind blows outside, then stops

Nagisa: What was that wind?

Porun: It was strange.....

Umeki: Let's go find out!

Cures run outside

Enter HINATA as Houou

Porun/Mipple/Mepple: Hinata!!

Max Heart mascots hug one of Hinata's talons

Hinata: I'd like to continue the reunion but I must tell you that dark powers are trying to take over an important relic of the universe.

Tsubomi: What!? What's going on?

Hinata: The Butterfly Crest is in grave danger.

Rin: The who what when?

Hinata: The Butterfly Crest. It sits in its peaceful planet, keeping the universe's inhabitants emotions in safe balance. Without it, every world and every being, even me, will go without emotion. It's like Labyrinth's denizens when Moebius was ruleing.

Erika: Oh man! But why do the bad guys want such a thing?

Hinata: Emotion, a beautiful thing of light, is something hated by darkness. It's what makes us smile, frown, cry, fume with anger and laugh. The blankness on everyone's faces would be like a dream come true to them. It would also show their immense power.

Miyuki: When they come, we'll be ready. For now, we'll continue making a feast for Potporri. It's her birthday.

Hinata: I see. Good luck, Precure!

Hinata flies away

Hikari: So then, let's go and cook.

Scene switch to Umeki's kitchen

Cooking finish

Yuri: I've set the table, let's put the food on and bring this food outside. The fair isn't far.

Large explosion

Clouds block out sun

Various Cures: What's going on? Let's find out! Out the door, everyone!

Cures run outside


All villainesses: Evil laugh

Akane: Stop it! What do you want?

Poisonny: What we want? Oh but first, an explanation. Our masters and our allies' masters have become one to make the ultimate power! We are revived due to Blackout-sama. Now we do Blackout-sama's bidding!

Precure transform

Every Precure: We won't let you touch the Butterfly Crest!

Cure Diamond: Ehhhh? More Precure?

Cure Ruby: This is an illusion! Our friends did not transform! Cure Ruby grabs head and panics

Cure Melody: Welcome aboard, girls, and stop panicking.

Cure Ruby: Yes, yes, I'm very sorry, please excuse me! Deep breaths| Phew......

Northa creates acorn portal

Anacondy: Ah, so if you want to protect your precious Butterfly Crest, complete each stage or surrender your little selves and your universe to us. I prefer surrendering, if you may.

Cure Peach: We'll do this. We'll complete your stages.

Poisonny: Have fun, Precure.....Evil laugh

Escape world

Umeki's stage

Umeki (After being beamed into her escape world): Eh? Where am I? What the heck is this place!? Am I intact!?

Despairian: Despair-air-arian!

Cure Diamond: A despairian! I gotta get rid of that thing!

Cure Diamond jumps to attack the monster

Illusion appears

Cure Diamond: Oh? Dia? Oh my gosh I'm about to kick Dia in the ear!

Cure Diamond kicks Illusion Dia

Illusion Dia: Ah! Umeki-chan.....Umeki-chan......I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!

Illusion Dia starts sobbing

Cure Diamond: I'm sorry, Dia-chan....I didn't mean it.......

Illusion Dia: Y...You liar! Of course you meant it! I'm hurt, so excuse me!

Cure Diamond(Thinking): I feel weaker.......I couldn't possibly kick Dia like that. She is my buddy, my ol' pal. But wait a second. Dia would never be so mad at me like that. Even if I really kicked her, she would forgive me. After all, I did say sorry.

Cure Diamond stands up

Illusion Dia: Idiot, what are you going to do now, slap me?

Cure Diamond: I have nothing to slap, because you're not the real Dia! You're just a fake, I know Dia wouldn't act like you! So leave, hologram or whatever you are and leave now!

Illusion Dia fades into light

Diamond Spinner appears in Illusion Dia's place

Cure Diamond: I know what to do.

Cue Purification Attack background

Cure Diamond: Come to me, power of kindness! Diamond Spinner! Spin, Diamond Wheel! Pretty Cure! Vertical Diamond Ring!

Diamond wheel spins

Cue attack

Desparian(During purification): De-eh-spar-ian.......

Desparian crown fades into light

Key lays on ground

Cure Diamond: I'm sure this key's for unlocking this weird door thing...

Door opens

Cure Diamond: Wow, it is the key for this door! But wait, am I in a concentration camp or something? A prison? Where's Ruby? Ruby!

Sign: Cure Ruby's new eternal home

Cure Diamond: Ruby must be in there.

Michiko's stage

Illusion Mariko: Ah, Michiko, of course I don't love you. You know how annoying I find you? Just because our parents are protecting this spoiled brat that you are I never said so. I just love college, ya know? Mainly because there's no annoying middle school little sisters.  Ha!

Cure Ruby: But, but, Mariko.....You're my sister, and I love you.

Illusion Mariko: Drama talk. Typical of such brats. And I figured out you're stupid as well as spoiled. Just because I'm your sister, doesn't mean I love you! Oh, how I should have known you had no brain!

Cure Diamond: Ruby-chan, hear me clear! This is Umeki, and you're being insulted by an illusion that was made to destroy you with those words!

Cure Ruby: What? An illusion. That's absurd!

Cure Ruby stands up

Cure Ruby: I don't show love and affection....

Illusion Mariko: Of course you don't, oh spoiled one.

Cure Ruby: To illusions, that is!

Illusion Mariko: What!?

Illusion Mariko fades to light

Cure Ruby purifies Desparian

Cure Ruby: Thank you so much, Diamond. Let's save the others!

Cure Diamond: Yes!

Diamond and Ruby jump from stage to stage

Cure Diamond: Diamond here, you're talking to the ghost of an illusion, Cure Black!

Cure Ruby: Er, you're trying to turn Chiffon from an illusion that was meant to kill you, Peach.

Cure Diamond: This is Cure Diamond speaking, and I see Cure Dream going insane over an illusion.

Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure get everyone out

Everyone except Diamond and Ruby: Thank you so much!

Portal to next stage opens

Precure jump through portal

Kickball world

Saki: We're playing baseball? Oh yeah!

Desertarian: Pretty Cure! You are up to bat in this game! Desertarian spins utility ball

Saki(Shocked): Ehhhhhhhh!? Don't tell me I'm batting that......

Umeki: Saki! You don't hit a kickball with a bat, you kick it!

Saki: Did baseball change in the past few years? P.E. class is evil....

Umeki: Facepalm Ah.....Just do what I do......

Umeki kicks ball far away, then runs to first, to second then to third base

Umeki: I ran three bases, but you can run less, the same or to home!

Every Cure kicks and runs to a random number of bases

Precure points add up to 55

Miyuki: Oh yeah! We've secured a win! Ultra Happy!

Tsubomi: Let's purify these monsters!

Cue everyone's purification attacks

All monsters get purified

Portal to next stage open

Precure jump through

Dance stage

Nagisa: It looks sort of like a stage here. And it has speakers, and....

Umeki: What is this, a talent show?

Negatone: Correct! This is a dance contest! You are all to dance indivdually, and if we don't like your routine, you will be buzzed! If all of you are buzzed, you lose! Start!

Every Cure excluding Passion dances

Buzzers go off

Komachi: If we lose one more routine, we're toast! What do we do?

Setsuna: Leave it to me. I know exactly how to dance to this.

Setsuna pulls off amazing dance routine

Negatone 1: Astounding!

Negatone 2: Breathtakingly...

Negatone 3: Too...Much amazing....

Amazement purifies Negatones

Urara: Fantastic job, Setsuna!

Setsuna: It wasn't the best...

Honoka: Nonsense! Let's go!

more soon

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