Pretty Cure All Stars Miracles: Ai no Sekai
プリキュア オール スターズ ミラクルズ: 愛 の 世界
SeriesFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Fresh Pretty Cure!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure

Happiness World Pretty Cure

Original ReleaseMarch 22, 2014
DirectorCure Happiness
Pretty Cure All Stars Miracles: Ai no Sekai (プリキュア オール スターズ ミラクルズ: 愛 の 世界 Lit. "Pretty Cure All Stars Miracles: World of Love") is the first of the Pretty Cure All Stars crossover movie featuring four canon series and Cure Happiness's fan series. It is released in the cinemas on March 22, 2014. The Happiness World Pretty Cure characters make their movie debut.


Mia receives a mysterious letter on her way back home and goes over to Lucy's and calls Adelina so they can discuss what the letter is about. Adelina gets to Lucy's quicker than Mia thought and said that she got to the house in five minutes flat, making Lucy hit her over head with the letter and tells her its not a race for who gets to her house first. Mia sulks in the corner while Adelina takes a look at the letter. While Merry is telling Mia to stop be being a baby and go see what is inside the letter, Lucy opens the letter without hesitation, and the girls and Merry are teleported to a hot desert. Mia groans since Lucy had landed on her and told Lucy to get off, who takes her time doing that. Mia stays lying down until she realises that the sand is burning her. She looks up to see a hand in front of her face so Mia takes it with her own hand and realises that it was a girl with short orange hair helping her up. Mia jumps back in fright until Adelina tells her its okay.

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  • This is the first Pretty Cure All Stars movie to not feature all the canon Cures.