Pretty Cure All Stars Forever (プリキュアオールスターズォーエバー Purikyua Ooru Sutaazu Foebaa?) is a crossover season of Cure Believe's two fan seasons, Pure Mirage Pretty Cure! and Shooting Star Pretty Cure☆. It will begin airing February 5, 2017, replacing Shooting Star Pretty Cure☆ in its initial timeslot.


One mysterious day, a villain tells the Shooting Star Pretty Cures about what will happen to the solar system - it will be destroyed! The girls are horrified by this, and decide to find some more partners.
The news arrives to the Pure Mirage Pretty Cures as well, and then the groups both meet. They decide to team up to become the Pretty Cure All Stars Forever! These All Stars will do whatever it takes to keep the villains from destroying anything!


Pure Mirage Pretty Cure

Hanasaki Cherry (花咲 チェリー Hanasaki Cherī?) - When she meets Ko and others, she doesn't believe the fact they are Pretty Cure, but when an attack starts, she learns it was true. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Blossom Mirage and her theme color is scarlet.

Kurumi Daisy (来海 デイジー Kurumi Deijī?) - After Cherry and Ko make the first attack on the villains, Daisy and the others try to join in on the action, but sees they are doing fine. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Marine Mirage and her theme color is navy blue.

Myoudouin Sunny (明堂院 サニー Myoudouin Sanī?) - When she met Ko, she tried to stay quiet, but noticed Ko wanted to start a conversation with her. She meets the others afterwards, but tries to stay shy. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Sunshine Mirage and her theme color is dark yellow.

Tsukikage Rose (月影 ローズ Tsukikage Roozu?) - Although she is still upset about her kingdom's loss, everyone is always there to cheer her up. This sometimes affect how she performs in battle. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Moonlight Mirage and her theme colors are silver and dark purple.

Hana Kotoba (花 言葉 Hana Kotoba?) - Still seeming mysterious in front of the Shooting Star Pretty Cure, she learns how to seem more friendly. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Nature Mirage and her theme color is dark green.

Aki Tsuchi (明 土 Aki Tsuchi?) - She is the youngest, but she is always finding the bright side to every situation. She tries to help in battle, but sometimes it doesn't help. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Earth Mirage and her theme color is orange.

Shooting Star Pretty Cure☆

Kagayaku Ko (輝く 光 Kagayaku Ko?) - She thought she was the only Pretty Cure, along with Hibana and Megumi, but when meeting Cherry for the first time, she easily went along well with her. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Comet and her theme color is pink.

Kanzen Hibana (完全 火花 Kanzen Hibana?) - She believed she was nearly the same as Cherry when they learned their similarities, but when Hibana met the others, she became good friends with them, just like she did with Ko and Megumi. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Meteor and her theme color is light orange.

Kesshō Megumi (結晶 恵み Kesshō Megumi?) - As she is around the Mirage Cures' ages and she likes to get along with people, she was quick about making new Pretty Cure friends. Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Asteroid and her theme color is black.


Pure Mirage Pretty Cure


Shooting Star Pretty Cure☆




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