This is the transcript for Pretty Cure All Stars Dream Quest: Miracle Power! The Hearts Beat.


Miracle Paw Light Intro

-some lights shine to the stage and we see, Hoshi, Nagisa, Mepple und Mipple-
Hoshi: Hello min'na!
Audience: Hello!
Nagisa: Thank you all for watching Pretty Cure All Stars Dream Quest!
Mipple: We're all very happy about this ~mipo!
Mepple: But before the movie starts, we want to show you a little light you are holding right now ~mepo.
Nagisa: This is a Miracle Paw Light! With this, you can help Pretty Cure!
-Nagisa smiles while holding a Miracle Paw Light-
Mipple and Mepple: Whenever Pretty Cure is in trouble, turn the lights on and support them!
Hoshi: But be careful with the Miracle Paw Lights! You could hurt your friend!
-Mipple and Mepple showing this ~ Mipple starts crying and Honoka appears-
Honoka: Don't worry Mipple! I am sure this wasn't Mepple's intention.
Mepple: Yeah. Sorry Mipple. ~mepo
Hoshi: And when Monster appear and PreCure has trouble while fighting, you can help us!
Nagisa: Just wave the Miracle Paw Lights!
Mepple: It's time to start the movie!! ~mepo
Nagisa&Honoka: The Movie starts in... 3....
Mepple&Mipple: ...2...
Hoshi: ONE...
All: NOW!
-Light fades to black-

Receive Yume-chan's Letter

-it starts at Anzu's House-
Anzu: Min'na!!
Kaori: Anzu... What's up?
-Anzu showes them a strange letter.-'
Miu: What is that?
Anzu: I don't know! I found that letter next to my schoolbag!
Hoshi: Hmm.. Strange.. So what about reading the letter?
Miu: Good idea!
-meanwhile at Nutt's House-
-every Cure, except for the Nya! Cures are there-
Saki: Min'na! Look at this!
-Shows the letter-
Mai: What a strange letter, Saki!
Nagisa: Wait! I also found a strange letter!
Shows her letter-
Saki&Mai: Ehh?
Nozomi, Love, Tsubomi, Hibiki, Miyuki and Mana: Hey! I also found a letter!
-They also showes the letters-
Nagisa: What? Every of us got that letter?
Honoka: It seems so... maybe someone Needs our help!
Makoto: Talking does not help!
Ellen: She is right! Whe should read the letter now!

Yume-chans letter

Please, Pretty Cure! We Need your help!
My Name is Yume-chan! My homeplace, the Miracle Kingdom is in Trouble! Someone, who is called Nightmare, wants to take over the throne! We all Need your help! Queen Luna told me, I should call someone for help! Please legendary warriors! Help us! The Mircle Powers are in danger!

Meeting Nya! Pretty Cure

Davi: This Sounds bad ~dabi!
Makoto: Yes. We hav to help!
Aguri: How? We don't even know, where the Miracle Kingdom is.
Tsubomi: Thats right.. But we have to help them, Madoka-san.
-Aguri smiles-
Nozomi: All right!
Coco: Maybe I know someone, who can help us with this Problem ~coco!
Kurumi: You do?
-everyone is surprised- Coco: Yes! An old friend ~coco!
Nutts: You mean, Bani-chan ~nutts?
Coco: Yes! Bani can help us surely ~coco!
-Kurumi transforms to milk-
Milk: Yeah! Good Idea, but where is Bani ~mil?
Coco: He lives in Port Petto, now ~coco!
Love: Okay! Let's visit Bani-chan!
Setsuna: Leave this to me! Akarun!
-Akarun warps everyone to Pet Seaport- Bani: I told you, they would come!
-the Nya! Cures stand in front of the other Cures- Coco: Bani! He knew, we would come ~coco!
Tarte: Ah.. Bani-han! It's good to see you again!
Bani: You got that letter to, right?
Love: Yes. Coco said, you could help us.
Nana: Sure! We all can help you~nana!
-Nana and the other mascots appear- Mana: Kawaii!
Anzu: I am Nekoitoshi Anzu -Points at Hoshi- that is Ritorubikusen Hoshi, -Points at Miu- that's Kurotadori Miu and that's -Points at Kaori- Nousagi Kaori.
Every other Cure: nice to meet you!
-the others introduced themselfs too-
Hoshi: Ah, Nice to meet you all.

Arriving at Miracle Kingdom

-Miyuki smiles-
Setsuna: Come on, min'na, let's to Miracle Kingdom!
Coco: Right! Bani ~coco!
-Bani opens a Portal to the Kingdom-
All Cures: Woow
Chypre: Let's go Min'na! Henshin ~desu!

Transformations and Introductions of Pretty Cure

Nagisa&Honoka: Dual Aurora Wave!
Hikari: Luminous! Shining Stream!
Saki&Mai: Dual Spiritual Power!
Nozomi&Rin&Urara&Komachi&Karen: Pretty Cure Metamorphose!
Kurumi: Skyrose Translate!
Love&Miki&Inori&Setsuna: Change, Pretty Cure! Beat Up!
Tsubomi&Erika&Itsuki&Yuri: Pretty Cure! Open My Heart!
Hibiki&Kanade&Ellen&Ako: Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation!
Miyuki&Akane&Yayoi&Nao&Reika: Pretty Cure! Smile Charge!
Mana&Rikka&Alice&Makoto: Pretty Cure, Love Link! L-O-V-E!
Madoka: Pretty Cure, Dress Up!
Anzu&Miu&Hoshi&Kaori: Pretty Cure! Power Up!
Cure Black: Emissary of light, Cure Black!
Cure White: Emissary of light, Cure White!
Black+White: We are Pretty Cure!
Shiny Luminous: Shining life, Shiny Luminous!
Cure Bloom: The shining golden flower, Cure Bloom!
Cure Egret: The radiant silver wing, Cure Egret!
Bloom+Egret: We are Pretty Cure!
Cure Dream: The great power of hope, Cure Dream!
Cure Rouge: The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!
Cure Lemonade: The fragrance of bursting lemon, Cure Lemonade!
Cure Mint: The green Earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!
Cure Aqua: The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!
Dream: With the power of hope
YPC5 team: And the light of the future, our beautiful five hearts will soar! Yes! Pretty Cure 5!
Milky Rose: The blue rose is the symbol of secrets! Milky Rose!
Cure Peach: The pink heart is the symbol of love! Picked fresh, Cure Peach!
Cure Berry: The blue heart is the symbol of hope! Gathered fresh, Cure Berry!
Cure Pine: The yellow heart is the symbol of prayers! Harvested fresh, Cure Pine!
Cure Passion: The scarlet heart is the proof of happiness! Ripened fresh, Cure Passion!
Peach: Let's
Fresh team: Pretty Cure!
Cure Blossom: The flower spreading throughout the land, Cure Blossom!
Cure Marine: The flower swaying in the sea breeze, Cure Marine!
Cure Sunshine: The flower that bathes in the rays of the sun, Cure Sunshine!
Cure Moonlight: The flower that gleams in the light of the moon, Cure Moonlight!
Heartcatch team: Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Cure Melody: Strumming the wild tune, Cure Melody!
Cure Rhythm: Strumming the graceful tune, Cure Rhythm!
Cure Beat: Strumming the soul's tune, Cure Beat!
Cure Muse: Strumming the Goddess' tune, Cure Muse!
Suite team: Resonate! Our musical suite! Suite Pretty Cure!
Cure Happy: Twinkling and shining, the light of the future! Cure Happy!
Cure Sunny: The brilliant Sun! Hot-blooded power! Cure Sunny!
Cure Peace: Sparkling and glittering! Rock, Paper, Scissors! Cure Peace!
Cure March: Intense courage! A straight-out bout! Cure March!
Cure Beauty: The snow, falling and gathering! A noble heart! Cure Beauty!
Smile team: Our five lights will guide us to the future! Sparkle! Smile Pretty Cure!
Cure Echo: Deliver my feelings! Cure Echo!
Cure Heart: Abundant love! Cure Heart!
Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom! Cure Diamond!
Cure Rosetta: Sunny warmth! Cure Rosetta!
Cure Sword: The blade of courage! Cure Sword!
Cure Ace: The trump card of love, Cure Ace!
Doki Doki! team: Resonate! The beat of love! Doki Doki! Pretty Cure!
Cure Kitty:As proud as a cat! Cure Kitty!
Cure Fox:As wild as a fox! Cure Fox!
Cure Blackbird:As gentle as a blackbird. Cure Blackbird!
Cure Bunny:As beautiful as a bunny! Cure Bunny!
Kitty: Protectors of animals!
Nya! Team: Power of us 4! Nya! Pretty Cure

Miracle Kingdom

Cure Melody: OK, let's go!
-The Cures go through the portal-
Cure Echo: This is the Miracle Kingdom?
Cure Sword: What happend here?
Cure Rhythm: Making a wonderfull place like this to a place of darkness is...
Cure Melody and Rhythm: ....unforgivable!
La-La: Pretty Cure is here ~la!
Cure Black: Ehh? Who are you?
La-La: I am La-la ~la! A friend of Yume-chan ~la.
Cure White: Where is Yume-chan?
-La-La gives no answer- Cure Passion: I understand! Let's go find her!
???: Not so fast, Pretty Cure!!
Everybody: Ehhh?
Cure Kitty: Who was that?

Nightmare appears

-a dark shadow appears-
???: I am...
La-La: Oh no ~la! It's Nightmare ~la!
Cure Dream: Night .. mare?
Nightmare: That's right! I am the dark King of Miracle Kingdom.
La-La: You're not our King ~la!
Nightmare: Hahaha! I am just telling the truth!
Cure Echo: No you don't! This is not your Kingdom! It's Queen Luna's Kingdom!
Cure Moonlight: We are here to stop you!
Shiny Luminous: We'll bring back the light of this Kingdom!
Nightmare: Fools!
he attacks the Cures with a lightning
Cure Beat: Love Guitar Rod!
Lala: Lala!
Cure Beat: Beat Barrier!
Cure Berry: Not bad, Nightmare! It's our turn now!
Cure Heart: Lovely Heart Arrow!
Cure Heart: Pretty Cure, Heart Shoot!
Nightmare: Was that your attack? You fool!
Nightmare attacks Cure Heart
Cure Heart: Ahhhh
Cure Sword: Cure Heart!
Cure Dream: That's enough! Pretty Cure Shooting Star!
Nightmare blocked Dreams attack
Cure Black: White!
Cure Black: Black thunder!"
Cure White: White thunder!"
Cure White: Our beautiful souls..."
Cure Black: ...Shall crush your evil heart!"
Both: Pretty Cure Marble Screw!"
Both: ...Max!"
nothing happend
Cure Bloom: Marble Screw did no damage?
The Cures are schocked
Nightmare: Enough! Your Dream is over!
a Lightning strikes into the way and the Cures disappear

Lost Petty Cures

Cure Egret: W-Where are we?
Choppy: I have a bad Feeling ~chopi!
Mipple: I have this Feeling too ~mipo.
Nightmare: Welcome at my Stage! This is your last fight!
Cure Peach: This is not true! We, Pretty Cure, will win this fight!
Nightmare: FOOL! You'll be the first, Cure Peach!
A storm tries to catch Peach
Cure Passion: Peach!!
Passoin jumps to save Peach and get into the storm
Cure Peach: Passion!
The storm disappears
Cure Heart&Cure Black: Cure Passion!
Heart and Black tries to attack Nightmare
Nightmare: Muahaha!
Another storm appears Cure Sword: Mana!
Shiny Luminous: Black!
Luminous and Sword get into the storm
Cure Heart: MakoPi!!
Black&White: Luminous!
Cure Ace: What did you do to them?
Nightmare: You will know it soon!
a few other storms appear
Milky Rose, Cure Beat and Cure Echo get into them
Nightmare: Enough Cures, for now!

An old friend appears

Nightmare dissappears
Cure Dream: No, give us friends back!
Cure Aqua: Dream...
La-La: They are in the Nightmare Land, now!
All: Nightmare Land?
???: Mana!
Cure Heart: Hu? turns around
Cure Diamond: Regina?
Cure Ace:!!
Regina Looks sad
Regina: I am sorry... I could not help.
Cure Rosetta: Regina; why are you here?
Regina: You guys got all that letter and I wanted to help too. So I went through the Portal, before Bani closed it.
Cure Peach: You are here to help us, right?
Regina: Yes. Please, let me join your Team!
Cure Kitty: Of course you can join Regina-chan!
Cure Fox: Like Kitty said. But at first we have to get to the Castle!
La-La: Well, we are in the Castle right now ~la!
Cure Bunny: We are?
La-La: Yes ~la!
La-La ported them to the throne hall
Cure Diamond: La-La, was that you?
La-La does not answer

Meeting Yume-chan

Cure Heart is worried about their lost freinds.
Cure Kitty: Heart, don't worry" We'll find them!
Yume-chan: Of Course you will! You are Pretty Cure!
Regina: Who are you?
Yume-chan: I am Yume.
La-La: Yume-chan ~la!
Yume-chan: I'm sorry. It's my fault. Because of my letters, you lost your friends!
Cure Dream: It's ok!
Yume-chan: Eh?
Cure Peach: Right. We'll find our friends and..
Cure Kitty: We'll surely help you.
Yume-chan: Seriously?
Cure Bunny: We have to. Because..
Regina: They are...
All Cures: legendary warriors PreCure!
Yume-chan smiles and is happy
Yume-chan: Oh right! You have to meet Queen Luna!
Cure Fox: Queen Luna?
Cure Ace: Where is she?
Yume-chan: She is everywhere! She is the spring of our dreams!
Cure Blackbird: And how can we meet her
Yume-chan: Meet her in your dreams!
Yume-chan used a magic spell and the Cures fell asleep
Yume-chan: Don't worry, PreCure! You wake up, as soon as you met her!
La-La: Yume-chan! One Cure is missing~la!
Yume-chan: What? Who? ... Cure Ace...

Cure Ace against Nightmare

meanwhile, Cure Ace searches for Nightmare
Cure Ace: Nightmare! I know you are here!
Nightmare appears
Nightmare: Hm..Cure Ace...
Cure Ace: I am here to fighting you!
Nightmare: You? You alone?
Cure Ace: I fight for the others! I fight for the Cures you kidnapped!
Nightmare: You do? Fool! Hahaha! You have no Chance against me!
Cure Ace: Is that so?
Nightmre: You don't see it right? Your power is unless here!
Cure Ace: We will see.
Cure Ace: Love Kiss Rouge
meanwhile; Yume-chans spell does not work at Regina
Regina: What is that?
Yume-chan: Ah, I knew it! my spell does just work at PreCures.
Regina: Why are they sleeping?
Yume-chan: It's the best! .. Anyways.. Cure Ace is gone!
Regina: I'll find er!
back at Cure Ace's and Nightmare's fight
Cure Ace: Please throb! Ace Shot! Bakyuun!
Nightmare: Was that all?
Cure Ace: I'll never give up! The others will find a way to defeat you!
Cure Ace dissappears

Queen Luna's secret

Regina: Oh! I found her!
Yume-chan: Good Job, Regina-chan!!
Cure Ace Looks around
Cure Ace: What happend?
Regina: Queen Luna... happend..
La-La: They are sleeping to see Queen Luna
CureAce: W-What?
The Dream of the other Cures
Cure Peach: Where are we?
Cure Aqua: I don't know.. maybe...
Cure Lemonade: It Looks like a dream wolrd! ^.^
???: That's right!
All: Who was that??
??: I am the Person, you searched for!
Cure Dream: Queen Luna?
Queen Luna: I am sorry PreCure.
Cure Diamond: Sorry for what?
Queen Luna: For everything. It's my fault. Everything! I let Nightmare in this Dream World. He taked over, the Dreams of everybody. And I.. I couldn't stop him
Cure Kitty: No! It's OK, Queen Luna! We're here to save your Kingdom!
Cure Bunny: Allright!
Queen Luna: Pretty Cure.. One ore Thing... The only way to defeat Nightmare, are the miracle powers!
Every leader: Miracle Powers?
Queen Luna: Yes! Yume and La-La can you help. I am sure!
Queen Luna disappers
Cure Black: Hey, Wait! To bad.. she's gone.
The Cures awoke
Cure Ace: Min'na!
Cure Kitty: Yume-chan! La-La! We Need the miracle powers!
Both: T-The Miracle Powers??
Cure Rouge: Yes!

Yume-chan's and La-La's secret Power

Yume-chan and La-La then told them about the Miracle Powers
Cure Kitty: That's amazing!
Cure Fox: Yeah! With this powers, we can defeat Nightmare easily!
Yume-chan: But.. we can't..
Everybody: Ehh?
Yume-chan: We... I can't use the powers! I am to Young!
Shiny Luminous: To Young? Fo what?
La-La: To activate the miracle powers...
Cure Egret: You mean...?
Yume-chan: Yes. I am the owner of the miracle powers
everybody were verry surprised
Cure Diamond: but she's just a Little child...
Cure Marine: Alright!
Cure Blossom: Happy?
Cure Marine: We'll help you to use your powers!
Cure Sunshine: How will we do that, Marine?
Cure Marine: I don't know!
Heartcatch Cures: ^^" Marine...
Regina: Cure Marine is right!
Cure Heart: Regina?
Regina: You, ... no! We have to help her! Even we don't know how!
Cure Rhythm: There everytime a way!
Cure Melody: Rhythm...
Cure Rhythm: If we will save our Friends... We have to help Yume-chan, who is also our friend.
Yume-chan: R-really?
Everybod: Yes!
Yume-chan: M-my heart beats faster and faster!
Regina: I think, I know what you feel.
Yume-chan: Oh yes! I can feel it!
La-La: Yume-chan?
Yume-chan: The miracle powers!!
La-La: Ehh?
Cure Peach: The beat of her heart activates the miracle powers!
Cure Pine: Amazing!!
Cure White: Come on, Yume-chan! Use it!
Yume-chan: Okey!
A very bright light appears

Watch this out! MakoPi is back

We found them!

Pretty Cure lost their powers

A big wish! PreCure's miracle Powers

Finale Battle

Back to normal

Thank you Pretty Cure

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