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Purikyua Oru Sutāzu Kozumikku: Zen Ginga no Shainingu Hōpu
SeriesSolar System Pretty Cure!
Cosmic Pretty Cure!!
Shooting Star Pretty Cure☆
Shining Pretty Cure!
5★Stars Pretty Cure!
DirectorCure Lucky

Pretty Cure All Stars Cosmic: The Shining Hope of The Whole Galaxy (プリキュアオールスターズコズミック:全銀河のシャイニングホープ Purikyua Oru Sutāzu Kozumikku: Zen Ginga no Shainingu Hōpu?) is the third movie by Cure Lucky. It features fan series with a cosmic theme such as Solar System Pretty Cure!, Cosmic Pretty Cure!!, Shooting Star Pretty Cure☆, Shining Pretty Cure! and 5★Stars Pretty Cure!.


The evil residents from the mysterious planet called Faikon come to the Earth to find a girl who holds the most powerful cosmic power which will allow them to rule the universe. So the Pretty Cures must find her before the villains.


NOTE: First name first format

Pretty Cure

Solar System Pretty Cure

  • Selena Tsukiakari/ Cure Moon
  • Kokor Kowairashi/ Cure Venus
  • Reina Hinote/ Cure Mars
  • Higure Shinigami/ Cure Saturn
  • Mizu Shigure/ Cure Mercury
  • Arashi Inazuma/ Cure Jupiter
  • Meido Sakaeru/ Cure X
  • Yuki Buryoku/ Cure Uranus
  • Uta Gakushi/ Cure Neptune
  • Toki Tasogare/ Cure Pluto

Cosmic Pretty Cure!!

  • Hinata Natsuyo/ Cure Alpha
  • Nana Misora/ Cure Terra
  • Mitsuki Kayoko/ Cure Luna
  • Kari Sienahara/ Cure Star
  • Sakura Kayoko/ Cure Nova

Shooting Star Pretty Cure

  • Ko Kagayaku/Cure Comet
  • Hibana Kanzen/Cure Meteor
  • Megumi Kesshō/Cure Asteroid

Shining Pretty Cure!

  • Hotaru Hidamari/ Cure Sun
  • Mizuki Yamizora/ Cure Moon
  • Hoshi Utane/ Cure Star

5★Stars Pretty Cure!

  • Sayaka Hoshina/ Cure Sirius
  • Akai Hiyama/ Cure Antares
  • Pika Kihara/ Cure Alfa Centauri
  • Sora Yamoto/ Cure Vega
  • Megumi Suki/ Cure Spica
  • Nebula/ Stardust Comet



Movie Exclusive Characters

  • Hoshika Gingami/ Emissary Cosmic

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