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This is the transcript for Pretty Cure All Stars 10th Anniversary Taisen created by starmix03. This is her second transcript.

Introduction: Miracle Infinity Light

Tutorial scene by all 8 lead cures
Mana: Welcome to Pretty Cure All Stars 10th Anniversary Taisen!
Nagisa: We're here because we just want to show you the Miracle Infinity Light!
Hibiki: This is the Miracle Infinity Light!
Miyuki: When you press this button, the light glows!
Tsubomi: It is also useful for dark places, it glows in the dark!
Saki: But there are some things you can't do too!
Nozomi: That's right!

  1. Do not look at the light closely
  2. Do not go buck wild with the light
  3. Do not spin the light

Love: If you do not have a light, get your happiness and cheer for us in your heart
Mana: Now, Pretty Cure All Stars 10th Anniversary Taisen
All 8 Lead Cures: Is starting!
Screen fades to black

Chapter 1: Smile Pretty Cure VS Selfish Trio

One day, there was a battle between Smile Pretty Cure and Selfish Trio. The Cures are fighting them
Ira: You wouldn't beat us! We're too unbeatable!!
Happy: We would!
Pell: Oh? Then take this! *punches Peace*
Peace: Aaah!!
Happy: Peace!
Beauty: Happy! Keep on fighting!
Marmo: Not focusing, huh? *kicks Beauty and March*
Beauty and March: Aaah!!
Happy: Beauty! March!
Sunny: I'll kick you! In the freaking face!!
Ira: Oh no you wouldn't! *punches Sunny*
Sunny: Aah!!
Happy: Sunny!
Regina: We just need *points to Happy* her left!
Happy: Oh no you don't!
Ira: It's too late! *snaps*
Suddenly, a giant tsunami appears and attacks the Cures
Happy: HELP US!!!!
-Screen fades black. Opening occurs-

Chapter 2: Wrecked on An Island

-Miyuki opens her eyes-
Miyuki: W-where are we..? Akane? Yayoi? Nao? Reika?
Akane: *coughs* Miyuki? Where am I?
Yayoi: Is everyone here?
Nao: Where's Candy?
Miyuki: Candy?! Oh My Gosh!
Reika: Relax, Candy's with me
Candy: Where in the world are we~kuru!?
Miyuki: We're lost, aren't we?
Nao: I don't know, we just have to wait for someone...
Yayoi: The Selfish Trio are so strong.. Their unbeatable!
Akane: Yea, you're right
-Suddenly, they saw a large bird on the sky-
Reika: What is that thing?
Miyuki: *gasps* Don't tell me that they are..
Akane, Yayoi, Nao, Reika: What?
Miyuki: Nozomi!
Candy: It's Syrup~kuru! They're coming for us~kuru!!
Soon Syrup lands on the ground
Miyuki: Nozomi!
Nozomi: Hi, Miyuki! Syrup got your message, Candy!
Akane: But how?
Candy: With this!! *shows Miracle Infinity Light*
Nao: Oh! Don't tell me this is.. A Miracle Light!
Candy: That's right! This Miracle Light sends messages towards we fairies!
Nozomi: Speaking of that, *hands out invitation and gives it to Miyuki* You're Invited!
Candy: *gasps* Oh My Gosh~kuru! It's the Royale Feast in Märchenland~kuru!!
Miyuki: Märchenland!? Feast!?
Nao: Did you mean the feast with lots of fancy and yummy food!?
Candy: That's right~kuru!
Nao: Alright! I'm in!
Nozomi: This feast celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Pretty Cure!
Nozomi: You don't have to be so surprised...
Miyuki: But we just knew! Pretty Cure is 10 years old!?
Nozomi: Indeed! Now, let's go to Märchenland!
SmPC Team: Let's Go!
-Then, the Smile Pretty Cures, Candy, and Nozomi settles off to Märchenland for an exciting adventure-

Chapter 3: The Royale Feast

-The 6 Cures are on their way to Märchenland-
Miyuki: I can't take any longer!! My heart is beating! I'm so excited!
-Moments later, they had arrived-
Yayoi: This is so epic!!
Reika: Nozomi-san. Where is the feast located at?
Nozomi: The feast? Cinderella's Castle!
Miyuki: -blurts out- WHAAAT!? Cinderella's Castle!? You're kidding me!
Nozomi: Umm... No, I'm serious
Miyuki: -eyes sparkling- This is the Best Day EVER!!
Nozomi: Huh? Who's that? -looks at a mysterious figure of a person-
SmPC: Who?
???: So you're going to the castle, Huh? I can show you
-The mysterious figure turned out to be Aguri/Cure Ace-
Miyuki: Who are you?
Aguri: My name is Madoka Aguri, I am... Cure Ace
Akane: Wait... What did you say!?
Yayoi: You're a Pretty Cure too!?
Aguri: -nods-
SmPC+Nozomi: NO WAY!!
Aguri: Whoa! You don't need to be so shocked, come with me. Let's go to the castle
SmPC+Nozomi: OK!!
-The Smile Cures, Nozomi, and Aguri went up the clouds because the castle was above the clouds and somewhere over the rainbow. The castle was celestial, stars were shining everywhere-

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