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This is a list of episodes for Pretty Cure: Lovely Times.

Episode # Title Villains Air Date
01 Hāto no kimochi: Umeko henkan.
"Feelings of the heart: Umeko transforms."
Azar 2014-01-20
02 Yozora ni kagayaku, Kyua Shimā!
"Shining in the night sky, Cure Shimmer!"
Azar 2014-01-27
03 Sono hi o Kyua Reiku-dashi!
"Put out that fire Cure Lake!"
Azar 2014-02-03
04 Daishi no Purikyua wa daredesu ka?
"Who is the fourth Cure?"
Azar 2014-02-10
05 Daishi no chiryō-hō ga Daichi Maeko.
"The fourth Cure is Daichi Maeko."
Azar 2014-02-17

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