Pretty Cure, Vocal Install! (プリキュア,ボーカルインストール! Purikyua,Bōkaruinsutōru!?)is the transformation phrase used by the girls of Vocaloid Precure. To transform, the girls need to be wearing their VocaMikes/VocaPhones.

Pretty Cure

  1. Hatsune Miku
  2. Kagamine Rin
  3. Akita Neru
  4. Megurine Luka
  5. Meiko

List of sequences

  1. Hatsune Miku-  Episode 1
  2. Kagamine Rin-  Episode 5
  3. Akita Neru- Episode 10
  4. Megurine Luka- Episode 15
  5. Meiko- Episode 20


Miku to Sekai

First, the VocaMike, made out of a aqua green light, pops the light and appears as it is. Miku shouts the transformation phrase through the VocaMike, creating sound waves that swirl around Miku. Miku, wearing a long ballgown of light, closes her eyes. The largest sound wave turns into a ring and turns the top of Miku's gown into her typical uniform's top. The second largest wave forms a ring, shortens Miku's gown to a dress then turning it into the dress matching her top. Each sound wave does the same with the third largest making her black high heeled boots. The smaller sound waves form Miku's earrings, anklets and arm warmers. Drops of light make the VocaMike on Miku's head, then pops. Now fully transformed, Cure Sekai does a front flip and lands onto the ground. She slides into place, then introduces herself.

Rin to Butterfly

Rin's VocaMike is coated in a yellow light that pops like Miku's. She shouts the transformation phrase while plugging her ears with her hands. Purple butterflies fly around Rin, which land then take off on specific parts of Rin's ballgown to create her outfit. The bigger butterflies make Rin's outfit, and the smaller ones make the acessories. Each butterfly transforms Rin starting from the biggest with Rin's top to the smallest with her headband.  Drops of light form Cure Butterfly's VocaMike which pops again into its regular form. Cure Butterfly jumps into place and introduces herself.

Neru to Tsundere

As with the above Cures, Neru has her VocaMike blurred in a golden light that pops the same way. Neru grabs a cellphone and texts the transformation phrase that speaks when finished. With that done, random texted words Neru types create her outfit regardless of size. The texting continues until the last accessory is finished and her VocaMike is formed. A fully transformed Cure Tsundere falls into place and intdocues herself.

Luka to Fatale

Because Luka's Vocaloid boxart does not have a VocaMike, but instead VocaPhones(headphones), Luka's transformation is different from the others. She shouts the transformation phrase first, then brushes her hair back with her right hand,which creates her VocaPhones from the typical burst of light.

More soon

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