Pretty Cure! Repeat!
Purikyua! Ripīto!
General Information
DirectorMiyazaki11 and CureLucky
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunTBA
Opening SongNo Limit! (ep 1-?)
Ending Song??? (ep ?-?)
Series Info
PredecessorOnce Upon a Pretty Cure!
SuccessorContinental Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure! Repeat! is Miyazaki11's fifth series on this wiki, co-written by CureLucky.


Pretty Cure! Repeat! Episodes

An ancient evil has come to Earth with intentions of causing every disaster, war, and tragedy in history to repeat itself forever! Pretty Cure from all across time are being gathered to stop this new threat! Will they be able to overcome the differences of their times to gather the pieces of the Time Pendulum before it's too late?


Pretty Cure

Imadoki Genko (今時 現行 Imadoki Genko?)/ Cure Modern (キュアモダン Kyua Modan?)
Voiced by: Aya Uchida
Genko is cheerful and kind, and she's incredibly thoughtful. She just has a way of reading people that helps her solve their problems. She isn't very clumsy, but she hates going into dark places. (she has a small fear of the dark). She isn't the best at studying, but she's not horrible either. She loves helping take care of her 3 1/2 year old brother, Minato. She is from the current time.

Clio Mitsotakis (クリオ·ミツォタキス Mitsu~otakisu Kurio?)/ Cure Olympus (キュアオリンポス Kyua Orinpasu?)
Voiced by: Megumi Ogata
Clio often uses strange metaphors and has unusual tastes. She is rather philosophical, but when she starts on one of her "meaning of life/philosophy" speeches, they tend to digress pretty quickly. She loves food and is amazed by how much there is that she has never heard of, and she wants to try it all. She tends to speak in a bit of a monotone. Clio is very brave and has a strong sense of justice. She comes from ancient Greece.

Patrizia di Mezzo (パトリツィア·ディ·メッツォ Di Mettsu~o Patoritsu~ia?)/ Cure Baroque (キュアバロック Kyua Barokku?)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara
Patrizia is the romantic type. She loves painting and reading. While she may not be a talented painter, she's all smiles when she's holding a brush. She loves romance novels, and will read for hours if you let her. She is very outspoken and has a bad habit of asking questions that seem rude sometimes, but she never means to offend people. She comes from the Renaissance era.

Rachel Anderson (レイチェル·アンダーソン Andāson Reicheru?)/ Cure Soldier (キュアソルジャー Kyua Sorujā?)
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi
Rachel is the voice of reason for the group. When people start to panic, she is the one who keeps things together. She has a bad habit of being overconfident at times. Rachel has a strong belief in helping others for the sake of doing what's right, and she likes to believe that everyone has a reason for what they do. She comes from the 1940's.

Sakae Miku (栄 みく Sakae Miku?)/ Cure High-Tech (キュアハイテク Kyua Hai Teku?)
Voiced by: Asami Imai
Miku is calm, distant, and very serious. She doesn't usually show her emotions, choosing to stay focused on her mission instead. Coming from the future, Miku has grown up with access to knowledge that the other girls have never even heard about, so she knows about almost everything. She has a soft spot for miniature robots, which she enjoys building. She comes from the future.


Tick (ティック Tikku?)
Voiced by: ---
Tick is the younger of the two mascots. She is cheerful, clumsy, and loud. She has a bad habit of getting herself into trouble, but she never means to cause any harm. She loves attention and has a habit of crying when she doesn't get her way, even though she doesn't want to cry.

Tock (タック Takku?)
Voiced by: ---
Tock is the older of the two mascots and is always doing his best to take care of his little sister. He is calm and serious, but he never gets angry. He is incredibly patient.


Fear (フェア Fea?)
Voiced by: ---

Chimera (キメラ Kimera?)
Voiced by: ---
Chimera is very aggressive, easily provoked, and rather rude. He enjoys the sounds of screams so much that it even bothers his fellow evil-doers.

Inquisitor (インクイジター Inkuijitā?)
Voiced by: ---
Inquisitor is the reason of the group, the one who finds as much information as he can before attacking. If things start to go wrong, Inquisitor is the first to retreat.

Vendetta (ヴェンデッタ Vu~endetta?)
Voiced by: ---
Vendetta is strict, resentful, and hates losing more than anything. If she looses a battle, she tends to get depressed and start eating.

Cure Pause (キュア ポーズ Kyua Pōzu?)
Voiced by: ---
Cure Pause is annoying and loves to tease her opponents and allies. She treats everything like a game. She has an ability that makes everything around her move slowly while increasing her own speed.

Cyberpunk (サイバーパンク Saibāpanku?)
Voiced by: ---
Cyberpunk is vain, cruel, and has a short temper. She hates getting her hair and nails messed up, and is exceptionally cruel in battle.

Timeover (タイムオーバ Taimuōba?)
Voiced by: ---
The monsters of the series.

Clock Beat Kingdom

Queen Tempora (女王の時間 Joō No jikan?)
Voiced by: ---
The queen of the Clock Beat Kingdom. She guards all time and shattered the Time Pendulum to keep Fear from obtaining it.


Time Fragments (タイムフラグメント Taimu Furagumento?) are the objects that the Pretty Cure and Fear's Army are both trying to collect. If all the shards are gathered, the Time Pendulum can be reassembled, giving the wielder the ability to control time.


Chrono Arrow (クロノアロー Kurono Arō?) is Cure Modern's special weapon.

Chrono Trident (クロノトライデント Kurono Toraidento?) is Cure Olympus's special weapon.

Chrono Rapier (クロノレイピア Kurono Reipia?) is Cure Baroque's special weapon.

Chrono Rifle (クロノライフル Kurono Raifuru?) is Cure Soldier's special weapon.

Chrono Blaster (クロノブラスター Kurono Burasutā?) is Cure High-Tech's special weapon.

Transformation Objects

Miracle Timer (ミラクルタイマー Mirakuru Taimā?) is a watch-like object that allows the girls to become Pretty Cure. Each one is a different color and has a different insignia on it to represent their times. Aside from allowing them to transform, the Miracle Timer also works as a communication device for the girls. The timers are all powered by a shard of the Time Pendulum. Later in the series, they also allow the girls to communicate with their families and friends from their own times.


Kioku Town The home of Imadoki Genko and the primary setting for the series.

Kioku Clock Tower

Tempore Foramine The home of Fear and his minions.

Clock Beat Kingdom Tick and Tock's home world. It is where the Time Pendulum was stored before Fear shattered it.




-I don't own Pretty Cure.

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