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This is part of the Sky Pretty Cure Series!
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Pretty Cure! Rainbow Paint Over!
is part of the Sky Pretty Cure Series and belongs to Yousei A. Sina

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PreCure Three Pose

Cure Crimson, Saffron and Sienna

Pretty Cure Rainbow Paint Over (プリキュア!レインボーペイントオーバー! Purikyua Reinbō Peinto Ōbā?, or Pretty Cure! Regenbogen Spektakel! in the German dub) is an official transformation phrase used in Sky Pretty Cure Series. Pretty Cure! Rainbow Paint Over! is used by Akahane Ruby, Kiishi Topaz and Mikanki Amber to transform into Pretty Cure. To activate the transformation, the girls need their Color Communes.

Pretty Cure and Mascots

Cure CrimsonScarlet
Cure SaffronYellow
Cure SiennaMandarine

List of Sequences

Cure Crimson — Sky Pretty Cure 01
Cure Saffron — Sky Pretty Cure 02
Cure Sienna — Sky Pretty Cure 03
Cure Crimson & Cure Saffron & Cure Sienna — Sky Pretty Cure 04


Each girl has to activate their Color Commune. Then, the Commune's screen changes into the theme color of each Color.

Ruby to Cure Crimson

First, Ruby activates her Commune by pressing the big heart button twice. Then she holds the Commune in front of her chest and the screen of it turns bright red. The light of the commune shines brightly. She closes her eyes and leans her head back. Then, a bright light covers her body and fire rises from to ground, growing around her body and stops just before the neck. As the flames have covered her body, the Commune disappears and she stretches her arms away from her body and starts spinning. As her right arm appears close to the camera, she spins slower. Then her arm warmer appears. The same goes with the left arm. She keeps spinning but gets slower. As her back is shown, her outfit starts to appear and is completely appeared when her tummy is shown. Then the camera zooms down to her legs where the flames start to fly way and reveal her boots. Then it zooms back to her head, during that, the carrying back of her commune appears. She then jumps through the remaining flames, which changes the length and color of her hair. While ‘flying’, she opens her eyes, which also have changed the color. She then lands and creates a flame in her hand while saying her speech before posing.

Topaz to Cure Saffron

First, Topaz activates her Commune by pressing the big heart button twice. Then, she holds her Commune in her left hand, which is stretched away from her body. She has her head turned to it, looking at it. Then the screen turns bright yellow and shines brightly. She closes her eyes and raises her hands over her head. Her body is colored in white light. Then a yellow thunder strikes from the sky, hits Topaz and her body is covered with lightings. She then puts her arms down again takes a deep breath. Then the camera zooms closer to her fast. While that, Topaz jumps. As her feet appear on screen, her shoes appear. As her body appears on screen, her outfit appears. Then her head is shown, then her hair, which grows longer while falling. At last, her arms appear and her arm bands appear. She then lands and by that her hair is tied into a ponytail as usual. Her feet touch the ground and yellow sparkles rise from the ground. Then her commune carrying back appears. She opens her eyes and in the next scene, her hand wipes in the screen with Saffron following it. She says her speech and poses.

Amber to Cure Sienna




All: プリキュア!レインボーペイントオーバー!

Cure Crimson: 燃える、情熱のあつい炎!キュアクリムゾン!
Cure Saffron: 打つ、ちからの金の雷!キュアサフラン!
Cure Sienna: 輝け、優雅のオレンジ火の手!キュアシエナ!


All: Purikyua Reinbō Peinto Ōbā!

Cure Crimson: Moeru, jōnetsu no atsui honō! Kyua Kurimuzon!
Cure Saffron: Utsu, Chikara no kin no kaminari! Kyua Safuran!
Cure Sienna: Kagayake, yūga no orenji hinote! Kyua Shiena!


All: Pretty Cure Rainbow Paint Over!

Cure Crimson: Burn, the hot flame of passion! Cure Crimson!
Cure Saffron: Strike, the golden lightning of power! Cure Saffron!
Cure Sienna: Shine, orange blaze of elegance! Cure Sienna!


Ruby to Crimson

Topaz to Saffron

Amber to Sienna


Sky Pretty Cure Series

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