Pretty Cure! Power Up! (プリキュア!パワーアップ!, Purikyua! Pawāappu!, Magical Bracelet Power in english dub) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Nya! Pretty Cure. To activate the transformation, the Cures Need their Shiny Bracelets and the help of the mascots.

Pretty Cure and Mascots

Cure KittyNana
Cure BlackbirdKuro
Cure FoxKin
Cure BunnyBani

List of Sequences

Cure Kitty — Episode 1
Cure Blackbird — Episode 2
Cure Kitty and Cure Blackbird — Episode 3
Cure Fox — Episode 4
Cure Kitty, Cure Blackbird and Cure Fox — Episode 6
Cure Bunny — Episode 7
Cure Kitty, Cure Blackbird, Cure Fox and Cure Bunny — Episode 9


All Cures have to active their Shiny Bracelets. They have to spin it.

Cure Kitty

Anzu's transformation starts when she activates her Bracelet. After that, she shouts "Pretty Cure! Power Up!". Then, Nana gave Anzu her powers and her bow appears.

Cure Blackbird

Cure Fox

Cure Bunny


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