The PrePhone (プリフォン PuriFon) looks like a touch-screen phone, which allows the girls to know if a Yasha is in the town or to call each other.


The Prephone is a phone for the girls to communinate with each other and also find out if a Yasha is attacking town. It also allows them to communicate with the Sachiko's parents and other important citizens of Delightful Kingdom. They can also use the pink, blue, yellow and purple buttons to help them use protection barriers in battles or perform attacks that will get the Yasha off it's feet. The screen can also let you see people's faces and when performing attacks, a heart or a star appears on the screen.


The Prephone is a pink and white phone with a black screen that can light up with anything. It has four heart-like buttons that are pink, blue, yellow and purple.


  • The Prephone looks a bit like the Lovely Commune from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

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