"PreCure Celestial Sparkle!" (" プリキュア!シレスティアル スパークル!" "Purikyua! Shiresutiaru Supākuru!")is the official transformation phrase used for Sparkle! Diamond PreCure.


Cure Jade

Nanami shouts out the phrase and draws a heart (which turns into a jewel) with her Cure Shiny. She turns the Cure Shiny into a Jade green sphere. She spins around holding it and her hair colour changes. Her shoes and dress appear then her hair gets styled. Finally her accessories appear then she places the Cure Shiny on her bow and she says her intro.

Cure Topaz

Nikora shouts out the phrase while drawing a heart that turns into a jewelled heart with her Cure Shiny. She turns it into an aqua sphere and throws it into the air. Her dress and accessories appear and the her shoes and she puts the Cure Shiny on her bow and says her intro.

Cure Emerald

Cure Amethyst

Cure Ruby

Cure Tanzanite

Cure Peridot

Cure Garnet

Cure Sapphire

Cure Amber

Cure Dioptase

Cure Amazonite

Cure Citrine

Cure Sunstone

Cure Carnelian

Cure Opalite

Cure Azurite

Cure Rubellit

Cure Ametrine

Cure Aventurine

List of Sequences

Episode Member(s) Description
SDPC01 Nanami
Nanami Individual Sequence
Nikora Individual Sequence
SDPC02 Nanami+Nikora Nanami+Nikora Dual Sequence
SDPC03 Nanami+Nikora


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