• Fairy Heart Rod
  • Fairy Blue Perfume
  • Fairy Earth Stone
  • Angel Light Amulet
The Precure Amulets are items found in the Pretty Cure series: Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure.


There are 4 that are only know at the moment but they all look different from each other.  And they are mainly used for transformations and attacks.

Fairy Heart Rod- This has 2 heart shaped ends and a jewel on top, it is completely pink.  It is used by Cure SweetHeart to tranform and do her magic attacks.

Fairy Blue Perfume- It is a beautiful blue perfume bottle used by Cure BlueFire to transform and do her magic attacks.  It was given to her by Song.

Fairy Earth Stone- It is said to be a little green stone with the power of earth.  It is said that it can only be used by some one who is kind and cheerful but do great things.

Angel Light Amulet- It is said to be in the shape of a heart and is said to be more powerful then all the other amulets combined.  It is said that it can only be used by the chosen one.


-There may be other amulets that we do not know about.

-The last 2 amulets may be a clue to who the other 2 cures are.

-The Angel Light Amulet does not have the word fairy in it's name like the others do.  Isn't that very strange, but it maybe an important clue to a puzzle that needs to be solved.

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