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Port Petto (ポートペット Pōto Petto) is the homeplace of the Nya! Pretty Cures. Like the name says, this city is a (sea)port.

Connection to Pet Seaport

Port Petto has a connection to th Pet Seaport. This connection is the Water Portal. Only the creatures of the Pet Seaport can use this Water portal. Humans have not the ability to use the Portal. They can not even see it.


Koneko Academy

Main Article: Koneko Academy
The public school in Port Petto. The Cures and their friends attend. The Koneko Academy has both, a middle and high school. Hikari, Anzu's older sister, attends to the High School.

Jiyu Forest

Main Article: Jiyu Forest
The Jiyu Forest is a forest near the park of Port Petto and the School. Miu likes to stay at the Forest. The Pretty Cure Hideout can be found there. The forest appears for the first time in Episode 10

Pretty Cure Hideout

Main Article: Pretty Cure Hideout
The Pretty Cure Hideout is a secret Hideout in the Jiyu Forest. It is an old building in the forest. The Hideout appears for the first time in Episode 11

Water Portal

Main Article: Water Poertal
The Water Portal connects the Pet Seaport and Port Petto.

Hikari's Restaurant

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