Personal Information
Hair ColorOrange (Pop) Brown (human form)

Pale orange (fur)

Eye ColorDark brown
Home PlaceMärchenland
RelativesCandy (younger sister)
Anime Information
First AppearanceSPCNG01

Pop is a lion-like fairy and the main fairy mascot in Smile Precure! New Generation. He came to Earth after his little sister, Candy, to pass the Cures the Decor Decor to collect the Cure Decor pieces in and project the world again , and he change Candy posision as Cures mascot after candy become Royal Candy. He ends his sentences with "~de gozaru".


Pop appears to be a miniature lion with a bushy fox-like tail. His fur is mainly pale orange in color, with an orange mane and tail. Like Candy, he has blue heart-shaped markings near his eyes, and his mane is styled such that it covers his right eye from view.


Pop comes off as a very mature and responsible character.


Candy- her little sister

Sayaka Naruse- although pop is the mascot of all cures in smile precure cure! new generation, he is more aligned to Sayaka. And He stay in Sayaka House.


Using traditional power scrolls, Pop is able to transform into giant versions of various objects to do battle.

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