Pink Kiss Duet (ピンクキスデュエット Pinkukisude~yuetto) is a duo attack that Cure Blossom and Cure Rosebud use in Lovely Flowers! Pretty Cure. It is one of the ways to purify a Kutakuta, so it is considered a finishing move. The move can only be used if the Blossom and Rosebud are together.




Both: 集まれ、花のパワー!
Cure Blossom: ブロッサムタクト!
Cure Rosebud: ローズハープ!
Both: 集まれ、二つの花の力よ!
Cure Blossom: 輝く桜!
Cure Rosebud:輝く赤いバラ!
Both: プリキュアピンクキスデュエット!


Both: Atsumare, hana no pawaa!
Cure Blossom: Burossamutakuto!
Cure Rosebud: Rōzuhāpu!
Both: Atsumare, futatsu no hana no chikara yo!
Cure Blossom: Kagayaku sakura!
Cure Rosebud: Kagayaku akai bara!
Both: Purikyua Pinkukisude~yuetto!

Literal Translation

Both: "Gather, Power of Flowers!"
Cure Blossom: "Blossom Tact!"
Cure Rosebud: "Marine Tact!"
Both:"Gather up, the power of two flowers!"
Cure Blossom: "The shining cherryblossom!"
Cure Rosebud: "The shining red rose!"
Both: "Pretty Cure Pink Kiss Duet!"

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