Perfect Radiance (パーフェクトラディアンス Pāfekuto Radiansu?) is a duo basic fininshing attack performed by Cure Sun and Cure Moon to purify Kiriritsuzens in the Shining Pretty Cure! series.


The Cures hold their hands, while summoning their respective powers. Cure Sun combines her solar powers with Cure Moon's lunar powers, creating a large shining sphere while saying "Pretty Cure...". Then they shout out "... Perfect Radiance!' and the sphere spins towards the enemy.



Cure Sun: ライトアップ!ゴールデンサンシャイン!
Cure Moon: シャイン!シルバームーンライト!
Cure Moon: 光のために私たちはよ...
Cure Sun: ...あなたの心からの影を追い払う!
Both: プリキュア... パーフェクトラディアンス!


Cure Sun: Raito Appu! Gōruden Sanshain!
Cure Moon: Shain! Shirubā Mūnraito!
Cure Moon: Hikari no tame ni watashitachiha yo...
Cure Sun: ... Anata no kokoro kara no kage o oiharau!
Both: Purikyua... Pāfekuto Radiansu!


Cure Sun: Light Up! Golden Sunshine!
Cure Moon: Shine! Silver Moonlight!
Cure Moon: For the sake of light we'll...
Cure Sun: ... Drive away the shadow from your heart!
Both: Pretty Cure... Perfect Radiance!


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