Penny/Kise Miami is one of the Cures in Sparkle! Diamond PreCure. She has the ability to transform into a human known as Kise Miami. Her alter ego is Cure Peridot.

2014 - 1 (14)
Personal Information
Hair Color(Penny) (Miami) (Cure Peridot)
Eye Color(Penny) (Miami) (Cure Peridot)
Home PlaceJewel Land (Birthplace) Kongouseki Town (after arriving on Earth)
Alter EgoCure Peridot
Theme Coloryellow
Anime Information
SeasonSparkle! Diamond PreCure


Penny is a cheerful penguin that is quite an airhead. She is mostly worried about Michiru. She is bad at lying and can be bribed to do almost anything by salmon. She is exact same as Nanami.



As Penny

As Miami

Her second outfit is...

As Cure Peridot she has

Cure Peridot

The diamond with light of purity, Cure Peridot!

Cure Peridot is the alter ego of Penny. Her powers are based on . Her theme colour is yellow.




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