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Patrizia di Mezzo
Di Mettsu~o Patoritsu~ia
Personal Information
Hair ColorAuburn
Eye ColorBrown
RelativesAntonio Giovanni (fiance)
Alter EgoCure Baroque
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure! Repeat!
First AppearancePCR01


In her civilian form, Patrizia has curly auburn hair that goes to her mid-back. She keeps her bangs cut straight, with a ringlet on each side to frame her face. She has warm brown eyes, and her skin appears almost sun-kissed. She likes to wear short-sleeved dresses and cute shoes.


Patrizia is the romantic type. She loves painting and reading. While she may not be a talented painter, she's all smiles when she's holding a brush. She loves romance novels, and will read for hours if you let her. She is very outspoken and has a bad habit of asking questions that seem rude sometimes, but she never means to offend people.


Cure Baroque




Chrono Rapier
Cure Baroque's special weapon takes the form of a rapier.


Power Ups

Character Songs


Imadoki Genko

Clio Mitsotakis

Rachel Anderson

Sakae Miku

Antonio Giovanni Patrizia's fiance back in her time, they are in an arranged marriage. Patrizia considers herself to be very lucky because she and Antonio get along so well.


Patrizia - Means Noblewoman.

Di Mezzo - Means Middle.


  • Patrizia is the first Pretty Cure to have an arranged marriage.

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