Supākuringutiara! Kyuarabu Umarekawatta!
Princess Power Pretty Cure! episode 01
""Sparkling Tiara! Cure Love Reborn!""
Air date March 9th, 2015
Episode Guide
Opening The Warriors of Royalty, Princess Power Pretty Cure~
Ending Princesses of Passion
Directed by DaisyandMangaForever
Written by DaisyandMangaForever

Sparkling Tiara! Cure Love Reborn! (スパークリングティアラ!キュアラブ生まれ変わった!Supākuringu Tiara! Kyuarabu umarekawatta!) is the first episode of the fan series Princess Power Pretty Cure!. In this episode, Princess Emily discovers Cream and learns how to transform into Cure Love. This marks the debut of the series, replacing HappinessCharge Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot.



Queen Rosa

Queen Hanasaku

Queen Hoshi

Queen Kōsei



Princess Emily

Princess Kaitlan

Princess Shelby

Princess Ella


Princess Lauren

Major Events

Summary & Transcript


On day in Royalty, the Jaaku Kingdom from the Unknown Worlds starts to attack. It destroys every world except four, the Heart, Floral, Star, and Hope kingdoms. Their warriors fought back, but failed. The girls suddenly transformed and fought to, but also failed. The moms of the girls, or the queens, ordered Cream to get the girls to safety and erase their memory of the event. Cream took them somewhere safe, and placed them on their beds after the attack. The girls' memories are erased, just of the attack.


  • -A bright blue sky is shown, along with the 16 kingdoms of Royalty. Birds are tweeting, and the sun is shining. Just then, the sky becomes dark. An explosion happens. There is screaming heard, as people run for their life. Monsters pick people up and throw them. Bombs are thrown at the people. The are terrified. 12 kingdoms are shown in ruins.-
  • Queen Rosa:

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