Dokidoki! Kyua Rabu wa ai ni michita tanjō!
Precious Heart Pretty Cure episode 01
"Heart-pounding! Cure Love is born full of love!"
Air date February 2, 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Pretty Cure no Chikara
Ending Min'na de Tomodachi!
Directed by CureKanade & LunarSolar
Written by LunarSolar
Heart-pounding! Cure Love is born full of love! (ドキドキ!キュアラブは愛に満ちた誕生! Dokidoki! Kyua Rabu wa ai ni michita tanjō!) is the first episode of Precious Heart Pretty Cure. In this episode, Kudo Miku, transforms into Cure Love with the help of the Heartful Brooch and the Love Jewel.


PHPC01 Transcript

Love Devote Isle, is attacked by the evil Hate King and his servants, who plan to turn love into hate by corrupting the Sacred Adoration Five. The Queen, Isabelle, scatters the Sacred Adoration Five to earth to keep them safe, and sends her servants, Tea, Juice and Punch to Aimi Town to seek out girls to become Pretty Cure that will find the Sacred Adoration Five and her missing daughter who is the princess.

Meanwhile on Earth, book lover, Kudo Miku who's a author at the age of 14 and is called "Love Angel" for how she loves writing romantic stories. She is on a school trip with her classmates to the Heart Tower. Whilst visiting the mall she meets and become friends with Tea, Juice and Punch. She soon witnesses Break creating a Kirai and while defending the mascots, she received a Heartful Broach and a Love Jewel and transformed into Cure Love. She defeated the Kirai by using her attack, Valentine Special. She transforms back to normal and the mascots tell her everything that happened.

Major Events


  • This episode marks the first episode of Precious Heart Pretty Cure.
  • This is the second time that the main character's class goes on a field trip to visit the tower in their town/city.


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