The smallest pretty cure is born! (最小のプリキュアが誕生!Saishō no purikyua ga tanjō!) is the third episode of Pretty Cure Stars☆. In this episode, Gekidan Arisu transforms into Cure Stage for the first time.

Saishō no purikyua ga tanjō!
Pretty Cure Stars☆ episode 1
"The smallest pretty cure is born!"
Air date May 19, 2013
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Ending MUSIC♪
Directed by CureKanade
Written by CureKanade


Aida and Shita are discussing about finding the third cure when Arisu walks up and asks if she can sit down. They say yes and talk for a little bit.

Aida and Shita look for the third cure with the help of the yellow Lucky Note. But it doesn't react at all. They give up and go to school. They put the Lucky Note on Shita's bag and walk off to get a drink.

Meanwhile Tone and Tune watched and wondered what to do. They decided to attack when the cures weren't ready. But first they had to find out what the cure's identity was.

Arisu was walking by and saw the Lucky Note on Shita's bag and picked it up and found it interesting. She put it in her bag and ran off.

Aida and Shita came and saw that the Lucky Note was missing!

More story to come!

Major Events

  • Arisu is introduced for the first time.
  • Aida and Shita look for the third cure.
  • Arisu finds the yellow Lucky Note on Shita's bag.
  • Arisu uses the Lucky Note to transform into Cure Stage for the first time.
  • Arisu finds out the Aida and Shita are Cure Idol and Cure Actress.
  • Nanako is introduced for the first time.



  • This is the first time when some one who isn't a cure finds a transformation device to become a cure.
  • This is the second time when the girls try and find the next cure on the team.

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