Utainagara merodi no pinku no hoshi ga umarete iru!
Pretty Cure Stars☆ episode 1
"The pink star of melodies is born while singing!"
Air date May 5, 2013
Episode Guide
Ending MUSIC♪
Directed by CureKanade
Written by CureKanade

"The pink star of melodies is born while singing!" (歌いながらメロディのピンクの星が生まれている! Utainagara merodi no pinku no hoshi ga umarete iru!?) is the first episode of Pretty Cure Stars☆. In this episode, Ijirashī Aida transforms into Cure Idol for the first time.


The story starts off with a class of boys and girls singing to a song called 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift. They then stop because their singing teacher decided to give them a break with singing english songs. Aida Ijirashī, one of those students is talking to her best friend Shita about her family.

She walks to her next class which is mathematics, which she finds boring at the moment. She writes equations when she is supposed to and sings to herself when no one is listening. She feels something bump her feet which makes her look under her desk to see a Music Note brooch which she picks up and put in her bag. She then walks to her locker at lunch to see a letter that she assumes is from a fan, and she is asked to meet at the local park which the date says today.

She goes to see who asked her to meet her when she heard a voice say that she fell into a trap and is attacked by two people from behind. They then attack again, but a boy and a girl block the way and get hit instead.

She runs to them to see if they are alright but is said to use that music note brooch and say 'Pretty Cure Preformance Wave!', which she said and finds herself saying these random words and wearing a cute pink outfit.

She runs quickly at the twins and kicks one and punches the other which takes them by surprise. She looks at the boy and girl and ask if there is an attack she can use. The boy who says his name is Makoto, says her attack is Idol Love. Cure Idol uses the attack and almost got the twins if it wasn't for them disappearing quickly.

She detransforms and the girl introduces herself as Yaya, and her and Makoto will be helping Aida with finding the other Pretty Cures and assisting her and the others in battle.

Major Events

  • Pretty Cure Stars☆ starts and intoduces two of the main characters.
  • Aida meets Makoto and Yaya for the first time.
  • Aida transforms into Cure Idol for the first time.
  • Aida uses Idol Love for the first time.
  • Shita is introduced.
  • Tune and Tone make their appearance.



  • This is the second to have mascots as humans but is the first time for the mascots to be human and not a cute toy like creature.
  • This is the second to have villains as twins. The first was Kaoru and Michiru from Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star!
  • This is the first for the mascots to save the main character from an attack.

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