Pretty Cure! Repeat! episode 01

Episode Guide
Opening No Limit!
Directed by Miyazaki11, Cure Lucky
Written by Miyazaki11, Cure Lucky

romaji (kanji english?) is the first episode of Pretty Cure! Repeat!.


The episode begins in the Clock Beat Kingdom where Fear is trying to steal the Time Pendulum, and he is winning. Queen Tempora shatters the pendulum in a final attempt to prevent Fear from obtaining it. Fear leaves in frustration to think of a plan, and Tick and Tock come out of hiding to check on the queen, who is shaken up but fine. She reveals that she grabbed five of the shards, and shapes them into bracelet-like devices called Miracle Timers and gives them to Tick and Tock, instructing them to go to Earth where she will have gathered a group of legendary heroes to use the bracelets to recover the Pendulum and defeat Fear.

Tick and Tock then go to Earth where they land inside of a toy store in Kioku Town. Genko is at the store to buy a present for her little brother when she notices two new plush animals. She picks them up to find price tags, only for one of them to start laughing and the other to yell at her! Genko panics and drops the two and Tick starts to cry. Genko panics even more and runs out while apologizing. As she leaves, one of the Miracle Timers flies out and attaches to her wrist.


Major Events

  • Fear is show for the first time
  • The Clock Beat Kingdom is attacked
  • The Pretty Cure transform for the first time


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