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Our Hearts Pretty Cure! is Cure Believe's first fanime show in a while and is also a duo series. The Cures name themselves, but unknown to these Cures, they didn't know they chose Cure names of existing Cures (ones from Splash Star and Heartcatch). Also, the duo doesn't need to be together to transform. The motif for this season is related to the night sky.




Fujimiya Emi / Cure Bright

Izumi Kasumi / Cure Moonlight






  • The names of the Cures are both used for the second time.
    • Saki and Michiru both had the name Cure Bright at some point in Splash Star. This is also Emi's Cure name.
    • Yuri had the name Cure Moonlight in Heartcatch. This is also Kasumi's Cure name.
  • Our Hearts Pretty Cure! is the first season where all Cure names have been used in another show.
    • It is the second where at least one Cure name has been used in another show, which was Listen! Pretty Cure with two cases of this (Cure Dream and Dark Dream).

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