Seira Otoshiro
Otoshiro Seira
Otoshiro Seira
Personal Information
Age14 years old
Hair ColorPink (Seira)

magenta(Cure Rock)

Eye Colororange (Sora)

Pink(Cure Rock)

Home PlacePrism Town
RelativesOtoshiro Megumi (Mother)

Otoshiro Yuu (Father) Otoshiro Mamoru (Brother)

Alter EgoCure Rock
Theme Colorpurple-colored
Anime Information
SeasonTwo Life Precure!

Her cure alter ego is キュアロック (Cure Rock Kyua Rokku?). She is the only the main character that appears a little longer.


Seira has pink hair, which is long hair, tied up into a ponytail and has orange eyes. Seira is a tomboy girl , she loves sports and playing guitar.


She is a leader type and loves rock songs. Seira person is also not easy to give up, his mother opened a Cafeteria Seira, and her father was a famous guitar player.


Cure Rock

"The Cool Of Beat! Cure Rock!"
bito no kuru! Kyua Rokku!

Cure Rock (キュア岩石!Kyua Ganseki!) is Seira's Pretty Cure alter ego. Cure Rock has the power of beat.


Otoshiro (音城?): Oto (音?) means Sound. Shiro (城?) means Castle. This could be a reference to her being talented in rock music and having a perfect pitch.


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