Personal Information
Birthday Datemost likely April 14
Hair ColorCream
Eye ColorOrange
Home PlaceMelody Land
Theme ColorYellow/Orange
Anime Information
SeasonMelodia Pretty Cure♪
First AppearanceMPC20

Oto ( Oto?) is a newborn fairy from Melodia Pretty Cure♪. Since newborn, he is childish and a big crybaby, and annoys Nara and Maple sometimes.


Since Oto is newborn, he is childish, and is a big crybaby. His crying is most likely like Uta's singing, can make people deaf. He annoys Nara and Maple sometimes, and also likes to act like a baby. Nara and Maple suspects that Yuki spoiled him, although Yuki didn't say a word.



Oto was born in Episode 20, at Melody Land. It is likely that Oto's birthday is on April 14, since Episode 20 was released on that date (it's not confirmed yet).


Oto (音) - Oto means "sound", probably referring to Yuki's alter ego, that Oto is her partner.


Kimori Yuki - Oto's partner, most likely spoiled by her.

Nara and Maple - Oto's "older sister" and "older brother".


  • Oto is the only mascot of the series to have a birthdate, although the date is not confirmed.

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