Orihime Nagare
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織姫 流れ
Orihime Nagare
Personal Information
Birthday Date18 May
Hair Colordark blue (Nagare)

Blue (Comet)

Eye Colordark blue (Nagare)

Blue (Comet)

Home PlaceSakuraumi
RelativesOrihime Mei (sister)
Alter EgoCure Comet
Theme Colorblue (main)

Silver (sub)

Anime Information
SeasonTwilight Dream! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceTDPC01
Orihime Nagare (織姫 流れ orihime nagare) is one of the main cures in Twilight Dream! Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Comet and her theme colours are blue and silver.


When Nagare is in human form, she has dark blue hair in a pony tail and fades into purple at the end. Her casual clothes consist a white T-shirt underneath a blue vest. On top of her black leggings, she wears shorts which folds at the ends.


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