Orchestra Pretty Cure! is CureKanade's fanseries that she created. It has five cures who are named Cure Violin, Cure Flute, Cure Trumpet, Cure Clarinet and Cure Drums. It's theme is Music and Instruments.

Orchestra Pretty Cure!
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Episodes49 episodes
Opening SongOrchestra Symphony
Ending SongHarmony of Music (Episode 1 - 23)

Symphonic Music

Series Info
SuccessorCake trophic Pretty Cure!




Victoria Kodama (こだま ビクトリア Kodama Bikutoria)/Cure Violin (キュア バイオリン Kyua Baiorin) is the cheerful leader of the group. She loves playing the violin and  hanging out with her friends, especially her boyfriend River Tochi. She really wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up and wears nice fashionable clothes.

Naru Fue (笛 ナル Fue Naru )/Cure Flute (キュア フルート Kyua Furūto) is Victoria's best friend and loves playing the flute and looking after Victoria's baby sister, Melody. She is in the school band and helps Unabara-Sensei with organising the band. She wants to be a music or day-care teacher when she grows up.

Hayate Kin (金 疾風 Kin Hayate)/Cure Trumpet (キュア トランペット Kyua Toranpetto) is a loud thirteen year old girl who is in the same band as Naru. She loves tricking people and can be a bit mean to Shizuka, who is her best friend. She is scared of ghosts and bugs and screams at a tiny sound.

Shizuka Fumen (譜面 静か Fumen Shizuka)/Cure Piano (キュア ピアノ Kyua Piano) is a shy, quiet girl who is best friends with Hayate and loves hanging out with her. She is smart but really sucks at History and is okay at music. She likes to read and write stories and wants to be a writer when she grows up.  

Lucy Resonance (レゾナンス ルーシー Rezonansu Rūshī)/Cure Drums (キュア ドラム Kyua Doramu) is a clumsy, cheerful fourteen year old who loves english, science, sport and music. She plays the drums and is in the percussion group in band. She was born and raised in Australia and has tanned skin from living there. She moved to Japan at the beginning of Episode 12.


Tempo (テンポ Tenpo) is the first mascot to appear. She loves to hang out with Victoria and doesn't really like River.

Note(ノート Nōto) is the second to mascot to appear. He first appears in episode 12 and had met Lucy before the series started.



Music Player is the girls’ transformation device. It looks like a MP3 player.



  • Victoria is the first lead cure to have a boyfriend and have her theme colour be purple.