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This page explains opening themes and gives a list of existing fanmade opening themes with pages.

What is an opening theme?

An opening theme, abbreviated OP, is the song or melody played at the beginning of many shows, if not all. Alternative names for opening themes are theme song and opening song.

All the Opening Songs in this Wiki (No order)

This is a list of some openings in this wiki, these aren't all, but these are some. Some of them are also from other animes. Some of them aren't created yet, but some of them are. If yours isn't added here, feel free to do that.

Season Opening Song Time Written by Anime Appearance
Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure

Alright! We Are Mirage Pretty Cure!

? Cure Believe -
Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure Twinkle Heart! Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure ? Techieberry38 -
Heartbeat Pretty Cure! Yuujou no Change ? ? LOVE LIVE
Rainbow! Pretty Cure GoGo! Rainbow Lights! ? ? -
Fight Together! Pretty Cure Don't Give Up! Fight Together! Pretty Cure 1:45 Cure Coco -
Rainbow Power Pretty Cure Rainbow Power I Believe ? ? ?
Shining Pretty Cure! Please, Glitter! Shining Pretty Cure! 1:32 Cure Lucky -
Sailor Suit Pretty Cure Sailor Suited Precure Senshi ? Cure Wonder -
Nya! Pretty Cure Shine♪ Nya! Pretty Cure ? FairySina -
Shining Bright Pretty Cure Brighter Than the Sun! Shining Bright Pretty Cure ? DaisyandMangaForever -
Sky Pretty Cure Let us Fly! Sky Pretty Cure ? FairySina -
Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ ~Rainbow Stars~ Pretty Cure ? FairySina -
Network Pretty Cure Switch on~My Network 3:45/2:01 Millyna -
Elemental Shine Precure! Let's get started! 1:30 Fynxfan -
Majestic Pretty Cure! Majestic☆Future! 1:56 AisuShironami -
Prism Pretty Cure! Promise! Prism Pretty Cure! 1:30 Infinity Mirai Prism Pretty Cure!
Earth Defense Pretty Cure! Fallin' LOVE! Earth Defense Pretty Cure! 1:30 Infinity Mirai Earth Defense Pretty Cure!
Vocaloid Pretty Cure♪ ♪My Song♪ 1:30 Infinity Mirai Vocaloid Pretty Cure♪
Pretty Cure Monster Mania Take a Step




MonoTheMonochrome -
Soar Pretty Cure! Fly High↑Soar Pretty Cure! CureHibiki Soar Pretty Cure!
Solar Light! Pretty Cure Light will Shine Forever MoonlightRainbow
Earth Defense Pretty Cure! LOVE!


1:30 Infinity Mirai Earth Defense Pretty Cure! LOVE!
Go! sonic precure! Beyond the speed of! 1.25 Akirachan13
Future Star Pretty Cure! Go! Future Star Pretty Cure! Lily Shine
Solar Light! Pretty Cure - Another Story Let me Tell You Another Story MoonlightRainbow
Happy Precure Yuujou no Kiseki ! Happy Precure 1:14 Anime-Candy
Floretta Pretty Cure! Bloom! Floretta Pretty Cure! ?? Chinatsu Kiseki
Arcana Pretty Cure! Let's Go! Game Start! 1:29 AisuShironami -
Precious♥Hearts Pretty Cure! Bright! Precious♥Hearts Pretty Cure! ?? Chinatsu Kiseki -
Zeti Precure

Strike! Zeti Precure




Kodama Maverick


Love Live Sunshine

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