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Ongaku Uta
音楽 歌
Ongaku Uta
Personal Information
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorMagenta
Eye ColorPurple
Alter EgoCure Music
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonMelodia Pretty Cure♪
SeasonMelodia Pretty Cure♪
First AppearanceMPC01

Ongaku Uta (音楽 歌 Ongaku Uta?) is the main protagonist and leader of the Cures of Melodia Pretty Cure♪. Her alter ego is Cure Music (キュアミュージック Kyua Myūjikku?).


She has a average personality, her grades and sports are both average. She is also very naive, and believes people easily, which will lead her into trouble.



Ongaku (音楽) means "music".

Uta (歌) means "song".


Utano Anna - Uta's childhood friend.

Nara - Uta's fairy partner.


  • Uta's given name, also appears in Utano Anna's last name, Utano.

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