Once Upon a Pretty Cure!
Mukashimukashi purikyua!
General Information
DirectorMiyazaki11 and CureJade2910
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunTBA
Opening Song??? (ep ?-?)
Ending Song??? (ep ?-?)
Series Info
PredecessorSuper Luck Pretty Cure!
SuccessorPretty Cure! Repeat!
Once Upon a Pretty Cure is Miyazaki11's fourth series on this wiki, co-written by CureJade2910. The theme for this series is fairy tales.


Once Upon a Pretty Cure Episodes

Everyone knows how fairy tales go: The bad guy shows up, the hero saves the day, marries the princess, and then they live happily ever after. But is that really all there is to it? After their defeats, fairy tale villains enter a mirror world where they become the legendary warriors Pretty Cure and fight to protect the happy endings and wishes of their homes in order to earn their own happy endings.


Pretty Cure


Takaiki Otome (高い気乙女 Takaiki Otome?)/ Cure Youthful (キュア ユースフル Kyua Yūsufuru?)
Voiced by: ---
Otome is very emotional and tends to lose her temper rather easily. She tries to act cool, but she usually ends up making mistakes and looking like a fool.

Yokoshima Kisaki (邪后 Yokoshima Kisaki?)/ Cure ??? (キュア??? Kyua ????)
Voiced by: ---
Kisaki is incredibly proud and has a habit of thinking she is better than other people. She gets jealous easily and tends to think of overly-complicated revenge plots, which she never acts on due to how complicated they get. She is rather skilled at baking as well.

Michifuka Yuki (道不可雪 Michifuka Yuki?)/ Cure Frozen (キュア フローゼン Kyua Furōzen?)
Voiced by: ---
Yuki is the logical and rational one of the group. She hates being alone and tends to cause blizzards without meaning to when she's upset. She doesn't have very good self-control.

Uchigawa Sora (内側空 Uchigawa Sora?)/ Cure Soar (キュア ソー Kyua Sō?)
Voiced by: ---
Sora tends to get a lot of attention from boys, but she is actually rather shy and skittish. She is usually seen with a CD player and bulky headphones which she listens to classical music with. Her shyness tends to make people think she's adorable, but she's sure the guy she likes is only interested in the "beautiful" type."

Sea Witch (--- ---?)/ Cure ??? (キュア??? Kyua ????)
Voiced by: ---
The last one is very carefree. She doesn't take much in life seriously, and she has a habit of thinking she knows what everyone is up to. She tends to think she knows more than she does, and her inaccurate predictions of people tend to get her into trouble.





Transformation Objects





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