Okami Maboroshi
幻 狼
Maboroshi Okami
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Purple (Okami)

Greyish Purple (Cure Wolf)

Eye ColorPurple
Alter EgoCure Wolf
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
SeasonAnimal Warriors! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceAW!PC01
Okami is the lead cure of Animal Warriors! Pretty Cure. She is a famous idol who is very friendly and loves sport. Her alter ego is Cure Wolf (キュア ウルフ Kyua Urufu) and controls the power of illusions.


Okami has shoulder length dark purple hair that she puts in a side ponytail held up by a light purple bow. Her casual outfit consists of a white short sleeved shirt with a purple star on the front with "Star" written in the middle of the star, dark purple skirt with three ruffles, black thigh length stocking and purple sneakers.

As Cure Wolf, her hair turns greyish-purple and comes out of the ponytail and grows mid-back. She grows wolf ears on top of her head. She wears dark purple studs on her ears and wears a purple chocker around her neck.


Okami is a third year student at Himistu-gawa High School and is a famous idol. She is a friendly who is very sporty and loves to sing. Her best friend is Tori Hisan and adores her family to pieces. She enjoys going to Tori's ballet lesson and sprinting with Saru.

When she started getting headaches, Okami went to the school nurse, Rinne Ogawa. But when it kept coming everyday, she had trouble singing, playing sport and fighting Huntsman that she would past out. In episode 21, it gets so bad that she can't even get out of bed without collasping. In episode 23, she transforms into a wolf and the only thing she can think of is killing civilians. When she detransforms in an alley, she hides away and runs away from home and thinks of herself as a monster.



Cure Wolf




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