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Ohime! Pretty Cure (lit. Princesses! Pretty Cure) is a crossover series starring Takiyama Midori from Rainbow! Pretty Cure and Tsukikage Rose from Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure.




Takiyama Midori / Cure Green
The princess from Rainbow Kingdom, she didn't live much of a happy life. When Shadow King destroyed it, she evacuated and came to Earth. She is very soft and caring and likes nature.

In this show, she becomes a very good friend with Rose.

Tsukikage Rose / Cure Moonlight Mirage
Although she is the princess from Mirage Kingdom, she lived with the Queen (aka her mother). After failing to defeat Taika and the kingdom was destroyed, she evacuated to Earth and started a little shy and harsh, but became more talkative, gentle, and friendly.

In this show, she becomes a very good friend with Midori and is caring about Midori, and vice-versa.


Midori's mascot.

Rose's mascot.




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