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This is a list of episodes for Ocean Splash Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Sutāto! Umi de Maiha no sōdaina tenkan-ten!
"Start! Maiha's grand transformation out at sea!"
Kaze February 1, 2015
02 Pawā saku amai nami! Kyua Fōmu!
"Sweet waves of blooming power! Cure Foam!"
Kaze February 8, 2015
03 Sōzō-teki sekkei. Soredewa Fūka no tame ni sore o setsuyaku shite mimashou!
"Creative designing. Let's save it for Fuka!"
Kaze February 15, 2015
04 Soko ni watashitachi 3-ri wa... Shikashi, koko de daishi no on'nanoko wa aru?
"There are three of us...but where is the fourth girl?"
Boufuu February 22, 2015

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