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This is a list of all Nya! Pretty Cure episodes.

To see the old episodes, follow this link.
Episode # Titel Villain Air Date
01 Haru no arata kaze! Kyua Fīrain tanjō!
"The new wind of spring! Cure Feline's birth!"
TBA --
02 Gakkō no hime wa purikyua?!
"The school's princess is a Pretty Cure?!"
TBA --
03 Purikyua no kyaputen! Purikyua nodearu koto o kyohi suru!!
"Captain of Pretty Cure! I refuse to be Pretty Cure!!"
TBA --
04 Kyua Rūpusu, kodokuna ōkami! Futari purikyua no densetsu!
"Cure Lupus, the lonely wolf! Legend of two Pretty Cures!"
TBA --
05 Kirakira, yuki o furu! Kyua Pōrā tanjō!
"Glittering, falling snow! Cure Polar is born!"
TBA --
06 Hanasaku daichi, Kyua Īsutā kaika!
"Flowering earth, Cure Easter blooms!"
TBA --
07 Hāfu kanryō! Nya ~! Purikyua no tabi!
"Half complete! Nya! Pretty Cure's journey!"
TBA --
08 TBA
TBA --
09 TBA
TBA --
10 Kiseki da! Nya ~! Purikyua Faibu! Kyuarūpusu heiwa no tame ni tatakai!
"A Miracle! Nya! Pretty Cure Five! Cure Lupus fights for peace!"
TBA --

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