Noboru Taiyō
Noboru Taiyo
昇る 太陽
Noboru Taiyō
Personal Information
Hair ColorYellow (Taiyō)

Dark Yellow (Sunshine Mirage and Shine)

Eye ColorYellow (all forms)
Home PlaceFirst Harmony
Alter EgoCure Shine (current)

Cure Sunshine Mirage (former)

Theme ColorYellow
Anime Information
SeasonHeartbeat Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceHBPC03
"I can protect everybody!"
―Noboru Taiyō, Heartbeat Pretty Cure! catchphrase

Noboru Taiyō (昇る 太陽 Noboru Taiyō?) is the third Cure in Heartbeat Pretty Cure!. She doesn't usually show her girlish side in school, but when she does, boys make fun of her, embarrassing her. Her current Cure form is Cure Shine (キュアシャイン Kyua Shain?)



Taiyō, as Cure Sunshine Mirage, was indebted to suppress her girlish side to protect the Myoudouin dojo, meaning she couldn't even show her loves for dolls and cute clothes. This all changed when she was reborn as Taiyō does not remember any of this.

Taiyō now is the student council at First Harmony Middle School. She still suppresses her girlish side, but she sometimes likes to show-off all of her girlish traits. This often attracts boys, and she can become embarrassed.


Past Life

"I have to suppress my love for my beloved dolls and cute clothes! All for the sake of training!"
―Cure Sunshine Mirage, Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

Not much is known about Taiyō's past. She used to be Cure Sunshine Mirage and felt indebted about suppressing her girlish self, all because of martial arts. Three years later, she is reborn with the identity Noboru Taiyō.

Meeting Poppie

Taiyō was busy organizing things as she is student council. Suddenly, one of the mascots heads in and finds her. The mascot introduces herself as Poppie, but Taiyō thinks she is hallucinating. Poppie explains Taiyō is a Pretty Cure who used to be a Mirage Cure, but she doesn't know who the Mirage Cures are. She then rejects the request at first.

Becoming Cure Shine

Cure Blooming and Cure Ocean were trying their best in a battle, but were drastically failing. Taiyō watches this terrifying scene happen, and Poppie rushes over to give her a Heartbeat Perfume. She has no choice but to transform into Cure Shine and help the other two win the battle.

Cure Shine







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