Noble Pretty Cure!
Nooburu Purikyua!
General Information
StudioCureMajesty Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 2, 2014
Series Info
Noble Pretty Cure! (ノーブルプリキュア! Nooburu Purikyua!) is CureMajesty's first pretty cure series. It is stated to air on February 2nd, 2014, along with Happiness Charge Pretty Cure on its initial ti​me slot.


Somewhere all around the world, there is a kingdom full of peaceful known as Noble Kingdom ruled by Queen Kiyo. One day, King Leavis from Leavis Kingdom came to Noble Kingdom and destroy the peaceful of Noble Kingdom, and turn everyone into stones. Cure Platinum, the only warrior and the only one left, finally can turn King Leavis into stone as well, but with limited time. She realized that she couldn't defeat the enemies alone, so she decided to find some help from earth. However, in her way to earth, King Leavis's subordinate chased her and attacked her, which caused she separated with her fairy partner Crystal and lost her powers. In order to bring back Cure Platinum's powers, beat King Leavis and bring back peaceful in Noble Kingdom, Crystal met and team up with two girls from Japan which is actually in sync, but always fighting...


Pretty Cures

Kogane Hinata (黄金日向 Kogane Hinata) / Cure Gold (キュアゴールド Kyua Goorudo)

She is an energetic and boyish 14 years old girl which is good at any types of sports. However, she is clumsy and pretty forgetful. She is also bad at subjects. Hinata has got green eyes and brown hair. As Cure Gold, her hair color change into blond. Her theme color is yellow.

Shirogane Yukiko (白金雪子 Shirogane Yukiko) / Cure Silver (キュアシルバー Kyua Sirubaa)

She is the smartest student in the school. Unlike Hinata, she is calm, diligent, and feminine. She is also good at cooking and baking cake. Yukiko has got blue eyes and navy hair. As Cure Silver, her hair gets longer. Her theme color is white.

Cure Platinum (キュアプラチナム Kyua Puratinamu)

She is the mysterious pretty cure who lost her powers. She appeared in the beginning of the series.


Crystal (クリスタル Kurisutaru)


King Leavis (キングレアビス Kingu Reabisu)

Yancha (やんちゃ Yancha)

The monsters name in this season.


CurePhone (キュアフォーン Kyua Foon) - Pretty Cures's transformation device.

Golden Rod (ゴールデンロッド Gooruden Roddo) - Cure Gold's weapon.

Silver Rod (シルバーロッド Sirubaa Roddo) - Cure Silver's weapon.

CureCrystal (キュアクリスタル Kyua Kurisutaru) - This season collectible thing. It appears as small crystal with variation in color.


Noble Kingdom (ノーブル王国 Nooburu Ookoku)

Leavis Kingdom (レアビス王国 Reabisu Ookoku)

Seijo Town (清浄タウン Seijo Taun) - Town where the Pretty Cures live.

Seijo Middle School (清浄中学校 Seijo Chuugakkoo) - School where the Pretty Cures attend.


  • This is CureMajesty's first pretty cure series
  • This is the second pretty cure series without pink cure after Futari wa Pretty Cure
  • Hinata and Yukiko's friendship is similar with Hibiki and Kanade's friendship

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