Ninjinno Kaori
人参野 かおり
Ninjinno Kaori
SeasonNya! Pretty Cure
Eye Colorbrown (Kaori)

red (Cure Bunny)

Hair ColorDark Red(Kaori)

Red (Cure Bunny)

Home PlacePort Petto
RelativesYujintsuyoi Kenji(boyfriend)
First AppearanceNPC02
SeiyuuJunko Noda
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Bunny
Theme Colorred

Ninjinno Kaori is one of the main Cures from Nya! Pretty Cure. She is a student of Koneko Academy. She likes it to be alone but she still has a boyfriend. She also is Miu's friend since their childhood and dreams of being a fashion designer. Her alter ego is Cure Bunny (キュアバニー, Kyua Bani) and she represents a bunny.


Being Cure Bunny

Joining the other Cures


Kaori has short dark red hair and brown eyes. She wears a dark orange, strapless top and a blue skirt.

As Cure Bunny, her hair changes into a lighter red and grow longer. Her outfit is a two-piece midriff-baring set in red with dark red trim, with a purple ribbon and dark red sleeves. She wears red boots.


Kaori has a cold personality. She is very clever and is really good at school. But she hates it being around many people. She is most of time alone. She dreams of being a fashion designer and takes her time to design clothes. After creating them, she wont show it to her family because she is afraid that no one would like it. So she gives them to her childhood friend Miu.

Cure Bunny

"As beautiful as a bunny! Cure Bunny!"
Usagi no yō ni utsukushī! Kyua Banī!

Cure Bunny (キュアバニー Kyua Banī) is Kaori's Pretty Cure alter ego. he transforms after shouting Pretty Cure! Power Up!. To transform she needs her Shiny Bracelet and her partner Usagi. Cure Bunny represents a bunny. As Cure Bunny, Kaori learns to trust herself and others. She has the power to use her creativity to fight against evil creatures and save the world as Pretty Cure.
Alone, Cure Bunny can perform Bunny Reflection. After getting her MewMew Cross, she also can perform Cross Star. Together with the othersCures, they can use the attack Cross Rod Hurricane but for this they need all four MewMew Cross'.


Bunny Reflection -

Cross Star -


Pretty Cure! Power Up! - "Pretty Cure! Power Up!" is the transformation phrase used by Kaori to transform into Cure Bunny in Nya! Pretty Cure.


Ninjinno (人参野) - Ninjin (人参) means "carrot" and No (野) means "field". So her name means "carrot field".

Kaori (かおり) - Kaori comes from Japanese 香 "smell, perfume, fragrance". It can also come from 香 (ka) "smell, perfume" and 織 (ori) "weaving".


As a main character, Kaori's voice actor, Junko Noda has particated in several image songs for the character she voices.



  • Kaori's surname was changed form Nousagi to Ninjinno
  • Kaori shows similarities with Fujiwara Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew.



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