Ninja Time Handsome Cure!
Ninja Taimu Hansamukyua!
General Information
DirectorCure Lucky
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Lucky
Opening SongGo Go! Let's Go! It's Ninja Time!
Ending SongRising Beginning
Series Info
Ninja Time Handsome Cure! (忍者タイムハンサムキュア! Ninja Taimu Hansamukyua!?) is Cure Lucky's first fan series about boy Cures. Its theme is Ninjutsu.


After Katanakawa Valley was destructed by Ikidomari five animal-like creatures go to the Earth to find the legendary  wariors the only hope of Katanakawa Valley. 14 year old Akiyama Katsuo was always underestimated by others but one day he meets one of those creatures and becomes a Handsome Cure.


Akiyama Katsuo (秋山 勝男 Akiyama Katsuo?)/ Cure Victory (キュアビクトリー Kyua Bikutorī?)
Katsuo is a 14 year old boy, who was always underestimated by others, but secretly is a ninja apprentice of his granfather. Out of the team he is the most serious about his mission as a Cure and tries his best when fighting, though he has a huge appetite and can be childish sometimes. So he often gets teased by his friends.

Atsumi Arata (渥美 新太 Atsumi Arata?)/ Cure Aquamarine (キュアアクアマリン Kyua Akuamarin?)
Arata is a 14 year old funny boy, Katsuo's classmate and best friend. Unlike his best friend, Arata isn't as serious, but always makes fun of him.

Hareta Hikaru (晴れた ヒカル Hareta Hikaru?)/ Cure Spark (キュアスパーク Kyua Supāku?)
Hikaru is a very shy 13 year old boy, but always behaves politely to his teammates and is ready to do anything that they say.

Matsumoto Hideaki (松本 秀明 Matsumoto Hideaki?)/ Cure Might (キュアマイト Kyua Maito?)
Hideaki is a strong, cool 15 year old big brother type and is a part of the school's soccer team, due to his exelent sport skills. At his school Hideaki is very well-liked and is one of the most popular students. Even if he teases Katsuo a lot, Katsuo is very admiring and respectful to him.

Murasaki Kaze (紫 風 Murasaki Kaze?)/ Cure Relief (キュアリリーフ Kyua Rirīfu?)
Kaze is a cheerful and kind 13 year old boy, who has an easy-going personality. He can be quite carefree sometimes, so he is the most unserious of the team and often forgets about something.




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