Ninja Pretty Cure! (忍者プリキュア! Ninja PuriKyua!?)is Starmix03's 14th fanseries. It's motif is Martial Arts and Ninjas. It replaces Mystery Pretty Cure! in it's initial timeslot.


The Ninja Kingdom is a magical place where all ninjas are born and trained to be a professional ninja. On one day, King Kuroninja invades the Kingdom. But there is only one person who can stop him, Cure Shuriken. Unfortunately, Cure Shuriken sacrifices herself and she told the fairies to replace her, NInja Pretty Cure.


Pretty Cures

Shiraishi Sakura/Cure Strike (白石さくら/キュアストライク Shiraishi Sakura/Kyua Sutoraiku?)
Sakura is a wise and happy-go-lucky girl. Although she is clumsy, she is actually very smart and not afraid to speak her mind. Her alter ego is Cure Strike (キュアストライク Kyua Sutoraiku?), the ninja of fire and her theme color is red and pink.

More Coming Soon

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