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This is part of the Sky Pretty Cure Series!
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Nijiiro Private Middle School
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The school's Entrance

Nijiiro Private Middle School (虹色私立中学 Nijiiro Shiritsu Chūgaku?) is one of the schools in Feather-Castletown, in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~, that Ruby, Topaz and Amber attend. Robin, and later Quartz also attend this school.


Female Uniform

The girls' school unifrom in summer consists off a grey tshirt with a green sailor collar that has one white sprite on each side. A ribbon is attached to the collar and underneath all is a white shirt that is slightly visible. The color of the ribbon is based on the year (Blue for first years, purple for second years, green for third years) The girls wear a dark grey skirt that is tied together at the side by two white/yellow buttons. They also wear dark blue slippers and white stockings with a green stripe. In winter, they wear the same uniform just with a black blazer over the shirt that has white buttons.

Male Uniform

The boy's summer school uniform consists of a white shirt with short sleeves and a tie tied around the neck. The color of the tie is based on the year (Blue for first years, purple for second years, green for third years). They wear black pants and blue shoes with white details. In winter, they wear a silver jacket over the shirt, which is now long-sleeved. The jacket has a green collar with yellow/white stripes.

Sport Clothes

The basketball outfit of the girls' team consists of a white tank top with green trims and a number in the middle. The number is light green colored and on the back, the last name of the team member. They also wear dark blue pants with 虹色 written on the side in lime green. The shoes are blue sneakers with green laces.

Noteable Students





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